11 February 2011

Vecchio Venerdì

This is a picture from a mere 2 years ago.  Almost exactly if not exactly.

How does the human body do this?

Every one of the four times I have been through pregnancy, I have been utterly astonished.  Utterly.

Pretty awesome to be able to grow a whole person right inside your own body ;-)

I find myself often amazed at what the human body does, can endure, can be put through... be it sports or illness or injury or pregnancy or growing or weight gain or weight loss... you name it.

Are you amazed by what your body can do?  What has amazed you the most?

–other than go through the making of another human... I am pretty amazed by the fact that I used to be able to do a whole lot of real pull-ups... it really astounds me because now I cannot do ONE.  lol

What is one of the most amazing things you have seen a human body do? 

–I think contortionists are pretty amazing... bending all up like a pretzel and fitting an adult body into a standard-sized mailbox.  Also those people who survive for weeks with no food and only water that they wring from their soaked clothing.  Stuff like that blows my mind for sure.


  1. I think pregnancy (and breast feeding) are the most impressive things the human body can do. Maybe we should start putting medals around women's necks as they deliver?

  2. Most impressive trait?
    Ability to Heal & Recover.

  3. Look at you! totally one of those cute pregnant ladies that only gains in the belly and is all cute and petite. Darn you. ;)
    I have to go with pregnancy/birth as well, and on top of that the ability to go back to normal afterward! (well, normal being a relative term I guess....) I am amazed that my body has gone back and forth so many times over the years and has not completely fallen apart!

  4. I am totally amazed by pregnancy and I absolutely loved being pregnant (my son is only 2 months and I already miss it).

  5. I too am totally amazed by pregnancy. When I think about it, even though it happens all the time, making a life truly is a miracle.

    On the other hand, seeing your picture and knowing I'm going to be that big (and then BIGGER)again soon, makes me cry a little inside.... it's amazing, but it sure ain't easy!

  6. awesome picture!!! I missed this! I came to scroll through your posts because you mentioned one today on my blog that I don't know if I saw. I think pregnancy is the most amazing thing ever!


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