04 February 2011

Vecchio Venerdì

Not quite as old as last week's...my grandmother's baby picture from 1910, this week I am sharing a picture from my grandfather's archives that was taken around 1912.  Ol' Hugo is the cute indian on the right.  Yes, Hugo was his real name.

He was a real tough bird with his own kids (my dad and his three sisters) but a total softie with his grandkids.  One of my favorite memories of him is how he used to sing me a bedtime song when I stayed with them in the summertime...

Oh mister Moon, moon bright and silvery moon
won't you please shine down on me.
Oh mister Moon, moon, bright and silvery moon
come out from behind that tree.

I sing this song to my kids now... but I've changed the next bit 'cuz his version had a guy with a big shotgun in it.  Since I am so PC, I needed to get rid of the gun part... replaced it with a party that everyone is coming to ... parties are way more fun than the prospect of getting gunned down ;-)

Are your grandparents still alive?

 –sadly, none of my grandparents are still living.  Three of them did live into their 80's, though, and I really got to know all 4 of them.  I think about how lucky I was in that... my kids will never know their grandpa (my dad) and that makes me super sad sometimes.

What is something fun that you used to do with them?

–other than the sweet song my one grandpa used to sing, my other grandpa would do the funny "thumb-removal" trick.  I used get to play dress up in one grandma's old ballgowns (they had been rich at one point) and go to church with my other grandma (I thought church was fun... it was a treat since my mom and I didn't go).


  1. Way cool pic!

    Yeah, my maternal grandparents are both alive.

  2. My Grandfather owned a hardware store in San Francisco and I used to go "work" there when I was a little kid. Amazing memories.

    Thanks for your well wishes too!

  3. I have one living grandmother, and she's the best. She's 80 yo, and always bakes me a box of cookies and treats and mails them to me for Christmas.

  4. when five of us grandkids were around my grandfather would tell 'schnauzer' stories: a very large dog that the five of us kids could ride on together and go have adventures together.

    PS you can't mention a verse, talk about it, and then not include it. That's rude (and very un-PC).

  5. Loved this. My grandfather just passed away last May. His son (my dad) died when we were little kids. When my dad died, he took us under his wing so to speak and really encouraged us, helped us in so many ways, and always flew us down to spend time with him in the summer. He was a runner too.

    Oh, and my kids make me cry with their fighting too. It is bad.

  6. My granparent's are all alive along with both of my great grandmothers. I was so fortunate to know them well growing up. My kids have my parents but my husband's father passed away unexpectedly a couple of years ago. My kids were very close to him. My husband says the same about his dad-a total softie when it came to the grandkids but a hardass when it came to his own kids!!

    Just reading your last post and I totally remember that story-Tikki Tikki Tembo. I haven't thought of that in years! Nice run by the way!

    I'm starving. I've been running around all day and I'm waiting for you to come and make me my meatloaf hotdish:)


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