19 February 2011

Running Update

I was realizing that I hadn't written anything about running in a week!  Yikes.  All of my running followers might jump ship if I keep writing only sad things or about spurtles or my microwaving adventures.  So for all 24 of you... yes, i counted you up :) ...here is the latest and the greatest about my most recent week in running...

did you get any of that?  lol

No, seriously... I did actually run on Monday... after my husband got back from his weekend away.  Before that was my creepyguy/hooptycar run.  Well, Monday's run was awesome!  It was a 6-miler to be run at 'maintenance' pace, which for me is supposed to be 10:00 per mile... according to that pesky Automated Training Program.  And that is what I did... 6 miles @ 9:58 per mile average.

Now, I am going to admit that somewhere in the middle there I had to pee super badly.  So badly that, in fact, my giving-birth-to-four-babies pelvic floor was taxed to the max... and beyond.  Catch my drift?  That slowed me down a wee bit... get it? wee? ... and I needed to go into the house for a minute and 33 seconds to deal with it.  But I made up for it... the slowing down part... not the minute and 33 seconds... I just subtracted that ol' mess from the final time ;-)

So that was the run.

I was supposed to run two more times, but I had work done on my hip on Wednesday, and it was really feeling loose and good and I wanted to give it a little more time to get used to feeling so good.  I planned to run on Thursday.

Thursday was from hell.  Hell.  My kids have ice skating lessons after school on Thursdays.  This means that for 90 minutes I get to chase a toddler around a rink... up and down scary stairs, through the goal nets, away from the Zamboni... except this time.  She wanted to be held the whole time.  The. Whole. Time.  And I was wearing awesomely supportive...not... rainboots because it was raining outside.  So my hip was freakin' TOAST by the time we left there.  Great.  No run on Thursday.

Last night was pouring pouring pouring rain.  Pouring.  I decided it was the perfect weather to continue letting my hip chill ;-)

Today... well.... whatever....

Now, tomorrow... I will be ready for my long run. Rested.  My hip feels good.  Hubby will be home to handle the kidlets.  8 miles of lovely alone time!

But that means I'll have to go grocery shopping on Monday with all the kids in tow... those other shoppers might want to stay home cuz my kids are ker ay zeeeee!


  1. Im doing a long run tomorrow too sole sista! Good luck! Hope that hip feels fantastic all 8 miles! I have been a gym rat this week so I am stoked to get out there-bet you are too!

  2. Im doing a long run tomorrow too sole sista! Good luck! Hope that hip feels fantastic all 8 miles! I have been a gym rat this week so I am stoked to get out there-bet you are too!

  3. I am going to sneak out for a "quick" 9 in the early am, then come home and make pancakes for the girls (plus 1).

    I will not admit to any possible tearing up after reading your last post this morning...I'm too manly man for that!!!

  4. @Natty... dude, I'll bet you are so manly that you DO eat quiche.

  5. Now there is NO call to be mean!!! I would be forced to start counting the Presidents that you remember that I don't...

  6. lol... well, I'll bet you know how to fix my tracking problem... please, help!

  7. U r a rockstar! Sorry you could not make it out with the girls Thursday!

  8. Ha! Grocery shopping with 4 kids?! I feel for you. :) These days I dread taking all my kids in the grocery store. WE did it as a family tonight. So nice to have my hubby to help. ;) Great job on your 6 and good luck on the 8 tomorrow! Enjoy!

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  10. Okay make that a range of 7:45-8:30...that seems more accurate. :) Not sure why I lost sleep over that but now I can go back to bed. ;)

  11. Hey, look at that...another Manly Runner in the blogosphere. Natty. Have a nice relaxing run.


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