14 February 2011

Granny's Gadgets #7

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody!!!

Hope everyone felt loved and shared love all day long.  It isn't about the 'stuff'... no, not candy, flowers, fancy dinners, expensive jewelry... it isn't about that.  It's a memory-jogger to allow love into your life... to appreciate the love around you... to freely give the love within you...
in case you've forgotten all that in the midst of going through the motions of daily life, which is easy to do ;-)

This sculpture is in Philadelphia... I used to live in Philly (for 8 years!) and never even knew it was there!  I loved Google's use of this art today on their homepage.


now on to why we are all here tonight...

I really wanted to find something that would seem fitting for Valentine's Day...

this is what I came up with...

And here it is in action!  cuz we're all about action, right?

Yes, both gadgets shown were in my mother-in-law's kitchen gadget box.

What would you use a spurtle for if you had one?  As you can see, it is a most excellent ice smasher!
–I will use this spurtle now that I see how useful it is.  I have been looking for something to effectively smash ice with a minimum of effort.  I would also use it to break open lobster claws... if I were having lobster for dinner ;-)


  1. Love the LOVE art, and yes, it is a memory jogger, no commercialism needed!

  2. Spurtle.

    I freaking love that word!!

  3. Love it!!! Spurtle.. :)

  4. LOL There is something about the word spurtle that makes me want to keep using it in a sentence...lol.

  5. I learned a new word! spurtle...never seen one before!

    I could spurtle anonymous commenters/emailer on the head!! no no I kid!!!

  6. A manly tool, I'll take it. No wait, I'll just push the "crushed" button on the fridge.

  7. How is this not used as a weapon at your house? I would be very fearful of my children spurtleizing each other.
    I get excited when I open your blog and see that there is a new installment of Granny's Gadgets and then I get anxious that you are going to run out of gadgets and won't be able to blog about them anymore.

  8. @Krumply…they have never seen it until now so we'll see how that weapon angle goes. Glad you enjoy the gadgetfest :) don't worry…I have at least enough to get through 2011 doing one per week… but some are pretty normal/mundane, like the nutcracker.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Hmmmm, what would I use that thing for?? Well, when my kids are fighting I might feel like using it on them but of course I'd hold myself back. :) I might use it to do just what you did. or maybe I might use it on peanuts when we make pad thai and only have hole peanuts.


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