21 February 2011

Granny's Gadgets #8

Have no fear
Granny's Gadgets is here!

Squeaking in under the 'Monday Wire'... whew ;-)

This is another not-so-mysterious gadget... although I had no idea what it was until my husband told me.  I had never used it (or one similar) before tonight and always just used what I call in the video the 'conventional method.'  But I'll tell ya, this sucker works great!

Here... look:

And now that I know it works awesomely, and I also know how to use it, and my cooking skills are being refined every single day, I think that pretty soon I'll be making lots and lots of soufflés... cuz that's the only thing I can think of off the top of my head that really requires egg separation.

Oh, and meringues!
So maybe I'll make something meringue-y, too.
Lots of pouf.

Do you like to eat pouffy things?  Like what?
–I like whipped cream... a lot.  I will even put it on cheesecake.  And I like soufflés... kind of.  I think.

What else might YOU use an egg separator for?  I need ideas.
–oooo... I just realized... couldn't I use this to make chocolate mousse?


  1. You are hooked up with the gadgets! Ha! I guess I like pouffy things okay but actually I don't really like the airy feel to them as much as solid stuff. :) Fun question. You know what that egg yolk reminds me of?

  2. Easier maybe, but I would end up burying that in the utensils drawer and never being able to find it when I wanted to make a homemade Angel food cake from scratch like I usually do every Wednesday......ummm yeah....

    I am very curious as to what that egg yolk reminds Amanda of:)

  3. I'm a bit like Jenn, I think - it's a neat device but not sure I'd take the time to use it...and it's just another thing I'd have to wash :). Beings I'm the worst cook in America, I probably need to invest more TIME to using these type of things more often though. Couldn't hurt!

  4. Hmm I rarely use mine to be honest, but I do have one!

  5. Fantastic Blog.
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  6. My mom had one and I always wanted to use it but she always said it took too long and made more dishes so we would use the egg shell trick or if we were feeling really brave we'd separate by hand, cradling the yolk and letting the whites slip through. Fun, huh?

    We always made Schaum Tortes or Lemon Meringue Pie.

  7. I was going to ask what you would use the seperated eggs for. Merengue came to mind, but that was about it. And no, I don't like poofy foods. I don't know why. As far as the accent goes, I had always pictured you as a bit British, though it seems that based on your accent you may be midwestern (though I know that's not the case). We midwesterners are notoriously accent free.


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