25 January 2012

Because that Shut Up and Run girl said to...

I was hanging out in my green bikini, enjoying Cheetos and NASCAR when I saw that I was tagged.

Thanks, Beth (and Tall Mom!). I know you know that I love these things. Except for all the linking you have to do, they are somewhat cathartic sometimes. Or embarrassing. Or sometimes just boring. Whatever... here it is...

A New Bunch of Random XL Crap in One Tidy, Long-ass Post

Here are the rules:
1. Post these rules
2. You must post 11 random things about yourself
3. Answer the questions set for you in their post
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer
5. Go to their blog and tell them you’ve tagged them
6. No stuff in the tagging section about you are tagged if you are reading this. You legitimately have to tag 11 people!

Random Things About Me
  1. I love practical jokes...simple or elaborate. 
  2. Several times when I was rowing seriously, I skipped Christmas and/or Thanksgiving because Tuesday and Thursday evenings were weight workouts. Some may say "Wowza, XL! That was so hardcore!" And while I think it may have helped me mentally in the years I did that, it really shouts out "Whoa, chick...Get a life!" to me now. 
  3. I struggle mightily with self-confidence. One friend in particular has been privy to my psycho, pre-race freak-outs this past year. It is not a pretty thing. 
  4. When I was in Cuba for the PanAm Games, we went out for our first row on the course. We were in a pair which is what is called a 'blind' boat (no coxswain and facing backwards so one can't see where one is going). We headed up the course following the prescribed pattern and made our cut across the lanes at the prescribed point. What wasn't prescribed was crashing into a solid, immoveable starting platform. Yeah, I did it. It was my fault since I was steering. Yeah, we broke the brand-new boat...but fortunately the boat-builder was on hand and could fix it by the next day.
  5. I have never broken a bone...except my nose...but I have collapsed a lung. I almost died.
  6. I paid $8.50 for a dozen eggs last week because I believe that pasture-raised, 'happy' chickens will produce eggs that are better for you. I am a total believer in the energetics of food. They did taste better...even my 6-year old said so.
  7. I pulled Q-Man's teeth out this week with my bare hands. They were his first two teeth to lose and were each dangling by a root. He was sick of them annoying him while he ate, so he asked me to pull them out. I obliged. It was a bloody mess.
  8. I used to be able to do 15 pull-ups in 45 seconds. Now I can't even do one. I should get back on that.
  9. I tried out for American Gladiators while pregnant. I didn't make the cut.
  10. I f*ucking HATE ants. We are in the middle of dealing with a horrendous infestation. I f*ucking HATE ants. They warrant the f-word.
  11. One of the stupidest things I have ever done is to hike down the Schilthorn (a big mountain in Switzerland) in the snow while pregnant and carrying a 5-year old in a frame-pack on my back. With a funky hip. We made it. It took us 6.5 hours to complete what was supposed to be a 2-hour hike. 
Beth's Questions for Me:
  1. In five words or less, tell me your most embarrassing moment. Indoor balcony, vomiting, people below.
  2. What’s one habit you need to break? Staying up too late...this was my New Years Resolution :(
  3. What’s your favorite book of all time?  I have lots of favorites...Miss Rumphius is one. Joy Luck Club, Gone With the Wind, Pillars of the Earth, Les Misérables, Shibumi...and more.
  4. Have you ever cheated on a test or a partner (don’t need to tell me which one)? Yes, sort of.
  5. If you weren’t doing your current job, what would be your profession? Highly-paid creative genius whose talents are sought after by many.
  6. Do you think Bob Harper is gay? No. He's secretly hoping that everyone is asking that question though.
  7. What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received? My acupuncturist told me she'd want me in her lifeboat because I am the most resourceful survivor-type she has ever met.
  8. Would you be able to run further or faster? Some days it's one, some days it's the other. If you make me pick one right now I'll say "faster."
  9. What food gives you gas? Broccoli and garlic...either on their own or together.
  10. Ever done a cleanse or had a colonic? Yes, both.
  11. What’s your dream marathon? Even though it's only 23 kilometers, I'm going with the Napoleon Run in Corsica
Mel's Questions for Me...   
  1. What is your favorite season for running and why? here in California I love running in the summer because it is cool. When I lived in Philadelphia, I loved running in the fall. I'm a cool weather runner :)
  2. If you could meet any famous person, who would it be and why? Living – Steve Martin or Robin Williams. Both strike me as very intelligent, sensitive, insightful people who would also be a ton of fun to hang out with.
  3. What is your mantra, favorite quote, and/or words you live by? 

    Everything will be all right in the end. If it's not all right, then it's not the end.

  4. If you could have ANY ONE ITEM for free, what would it be? a new mattress.
  5. How did your parents come up with your name? I am named after my paternal grandmother.
  6. Do you collect anything? If so, what? Yes. One thing I collect is little cars from the Pixar/Disney movie "Cars."
  7. How did you meet your significant other? we met at work and it was love at first sight.
  8. If you could go on vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? Côte d'Azur in France. It is beautiful and warm and friendly and interesting and I love it there.
  9. What is your favorite fruit and vegetable? fruit – a perfect peach. vegetable – spinach!
  10. What is your favorite color? Dark and brilliant green.
  11. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of me (Tall Mom)? amazingly and genuinely NICE... you're what my husband calls 'good people'...I am so glad to have met you in person :)
11 Questions for New Tag-ees...
  1. What is your 'comfort food'?
  2. Do you exercise better when you are angry or happy?
  3. Have you ever done anything to the point of puking? What?
  4. Any embarrassing nicknames in your past? Spill it.
  5. Guilty movie pleasure?
  6. Do you like or dislike these tagging memes?
  7. Why do you run? (might seem like a stupid question, but I'm curious)
  8. Would you rather be rich or famous?
  9. If you could go anywhere tomorrow without any worries (everything would be taken care of perfectly for the duration) where would you go, 
  10. with whom and 
  11. for how long?

People Tagged  (yes, I realize my tag-ees are all women...well, except Kovas) :
  1. Ali Mc...Running with Spatulas
  2. TriMOEngr...Climbing those hills...
  3. Michelle...Running with Attitude
  4. Hiker Mom
  5. Jess...who gets large numbers of people to run with her through cemeteries
  6. Jolene (who I see was already tagged...so she's off the hook...go read about her!)
  7. A So-Called Runner, Courtney
  8. Nicole, who is Becoming a Mother Runner
  9. Jamie...Chosen Chaos
  10. Just Keep Running
  11. Kovas who keeps two blogs...this one and that one.

If you've already been tagged, you don't need to do this again. But would you put a link to your tag post in a comment so we can read all about you? Thanks!

P.S. This is NOT like a chain-letter. Nothing bad will happen to you if you blow it off. So don't worry :)


  1. I'm freaking loving these posts!!!
    Ants. I'm with ya.
    I'll keep my scorpions! ;)

  2. Total sexism with the tagees. What's next, ageism?

  3. Thanks for the tag! I haven't done this one yet, should be fun! We used to have ants a couple years ago. I found an amazing bug guy and he got rid of them! Haven't seen one since. Awesome that you tried out for American gladiator!

  4. Lord, I fcking hate ants too. SO much.

  5. My son's friend was telling us about her sleep rescheduling. She was supposed to get to bed earlier, but gradually,like 15 minutes earlier for a day or two,then 15 minutes earlier until target bedtime reached.

  6. The tooth story literally made me cringe!!

  7. I Love that you tried out for American Gladiator! LOVE it! hahaha! And I am dying at your Bob answer. :P

  8. dammit :P as I was scrolling through this I was like "Oh no, she's going to tag me b/c I'm so awesome" and lo and behold...tagged :P hahaha thanks girl!!!! and dislike ants too...

    I may do this but just in case I don't I'm going to answer them here too (don't worry you know even though I don't participate in these I always do a cool post linking everyone that links me up ;) )

    1. Comfort food - newyork fries poutine. Do you guys even have poutines??? fries, gravy and cheese YUM! I told my mom to feed it to me through my nose hookup if I'm ever dying in the hospital :)

    2. I like exercising when I'm happy but find I tend to get faster miles when i'm angry!

    3. Yes! I've drank way too much all through college. Puke Central! yuck.

    4. hmmm nicknames...I don't think so, sorry I'm no fun. Maybe there were some but I never got called them to my face...

    5. Disney. There's nothing I love more than a disney princess meeting her prince :D

    6. I dislike these things but I'm not going to pretend I'm not flattered when I get tagged in them ;)

    7. I run b/c I like to.

    8. rich. famous is over-rated. why would I want people to know me when I could buy a secret mansion in the woods and make people like me :P muwhahahaha

    9. Hawaii. I miss it every. single. day.

    10. I was actually going to add - see ya later Logan , b/c I'd obviously go with Colin!

    11. I'd go forever.....and then after 2 weeks I'd send word for Logan to meet us at our new place of residence.

    THANKS GIRL xoxoxoxo that actually was fun!

  9. Hey thanks for the tag - I'll play! I've been enjoying reading these posts.

    By the way...ants completely skeeve me out! Don't know what it is, but I f-ing hate ants!

  10. you kill me. I'm sitting here in my green bikini thinking about vomitting off of a balcony. Waiting for an unassuming victim.

  11. It's fun to be random! I've been begging my niece for weeks now to let me pull out her tooth! I really hate those small tiny black ants that crawl all over your kitchen! Up Yours Ants!

  12. I hate ants too and we get them several times a year when it's warmer. Wow, that boat crash had to be embarrassing (and scary)!

  13. Ants definitely warrant the f bomb, I dealt with those last summer. Bleh

  14. I now know what else I can put into a Fedex envelope. Good.

  15. I am also loving these posts! I just don't have the energy to write one of my own. I also hate ants. grrr. And the eggs...I'd buy them too. That's a lot of pull ups!!

  16. I just tagged you on this even if you just did it...because I want your answer to a question. :D

  17. It's funny how we see other people when we read their blogs, whether it's because of how they present themselves or we perceive them. Anyway, despite the fact that you've mentioned the self-confidence thing more than once, I still see you as this warrior woman badass and the confidence thing surprises me each time I read it. That said, I am really shy and NO ONE who knows me believes it. :)

    Teeth freak me out. My kids know that they can turn my stomach just by talking about loose teeth, and when they wiggle them around on that nasty little string...ugh. So the pulling the teeth thing made me cringe...it's a mark of how much I enjoy reading your blog that I made it through that. :)

    I LOVED Pillars of the Earth. Loved it.

  18. I buy those eggs too. They do taste better. :)

  19. oh oh you gave Patrick some ideas...oopsy

    ants yikes we had 2 invasions
    lots of food went to waste
    it was a disaster and of course someone was out of town when the ants came to visit...

  20. Love these posts! You have some great answers and questions!

  21. lol, this was awesome. Ants totally suck. Is it sad I've been tagged 3 times and I keep avoiding it? Maybe I'll do it.....just because if you did it, it must be cool.

  22. I probably won't blow this off, because I think these are fun, BUT I need to think of 11 more tidbits about me...

  23. I am still going to take my tag and write it!! LOL!! I love these random facts!!

  24. thanks for the tag! I'll play along (eventually, these things take me forever to put together!). In our old house we once had an ant infestation so bad I actually found them in the fridge. SO.GROSS.


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