13 January 2012

I'm wondering what's going on with me, too.

Even my non-running readers are probably wondering...

What's up with your running, XL? You haven't written a running post in forever! Are you in stealth mode? Did you hang it up? What gives?

So here's the story...

I started running in my new shoes and my calves got super sore. I worked through it. Then I got a muscle knot in one calf that was beyond persistent and left me hobbling. Not wanting to injure myself or run weird or whatever, I took a week off. But it wasn't just a week off. I had only run three times in three weeks following the Las Vegas debacle on December 4, 2011. All of this lack of running has resulted in me feeling nervous about running a full marathon in April. I have acknowledged to myself and my training partner that it may not happen. It might...but I'm leaving the "not" door open with my head held high. It's taken a good deal of soul-searching and several talks with my husband to reach a place of comfort on the topic. I allowed myself to be over-amped by all the awesomeness that surrounds me here in BlogLand. I am coming back from 8 years off of everything. And I'm older. I need to be patient. And realistic.

Which leaves me with a big "We'll see..."

This sounds all grounded and philosophical, but I am really bummed out. Don't feel sorry for me, though, because I'll probably get over it soon enough.

I ran on Tuesday for 2 miles and it was good. I'll run tonight for 2 or 3, I hope. Taking it one day at a time. The hip still experiences some pain. I sure wish that would just not happen anymore :(

Since there's not much to share in the way of workout news, I'm giving a 'mommy update'...

Miss C started potty-training yesterday. This is the oldest child of mine to do this. She is really mad that this is happening. I've done this before, but never have I had a child be mad about it! I'll spare you all the details, but suffice it to say that I've been mopping up pee all day today. Thankfully, she's been accidenting on the tile floor and not the carpet. Wish us luck :)

Here are a few pictures from the last couple of days...

She is very pensive at times.

She LOVES oatmeal!

Last night I went out for one short hour. 
In that time, she created this amazing animal line-up... 
three-quarters of it by herself.

She likes to scare me...

But she says she's just watching Big G doing his homework.
Given her delight in jumping, this gives me a heart-attack.

So there ya have it...what's new in my world.

Gotta go mop some more pee now.


  1. Good luck with the potty training:) that animal line is awesome!

  2. Ah, potty learning, not something I miss at all!! She is adorable and looks like she is fun and full of personalitiy, that animal line is very impressive!

  3. She is SO cute! Good luck with that potty training.

    You are being wise--that's what age does, right? Makes us wise? Hoping you are good to go at whatever distance you choose asap.

  4. Your kids continue to entertain me! I know...my running is in a lull too! I can so relate to this post (expect for the kid stuff!)

  5. haha, too funny. good luck with the potty training - things I have to look forward to :)

  6. ahhhhh, potty training. Joys.

    That's a pretty rad animal train, though.

  7. Thank you for the update... I was wondering how you were doing & if we'll get to run together soon. But, alas, I suppose I can let you heal since you know your body better than I do. When you're back up & running, lemme know. My "serious" training for Ogden won't start until late Feb/early March. Until then I'm just trying to get some mileage back up.

    That daughter of yours is amazing.

  8. I really understand where you're coming from. I got caught up in the excitement of all the other blogs, and maybe pushed things a bit too far too. For me, I made the choice to try to run the marathon in May, but not focus on getting faster. Most would rather not bother, but I'm okay with that, for now. I hope you find a good solution for you.

  9. Toys much? lol!
    I say play it day by day as far as the marathon goes in April. Maybe you will, maybe you won't, but look at how much you've already accomplished. How many people can even boast 1/4 of your accomplishments in life...go ahead, how many??? No, seriously, how many? (Not many is the answer, in case you were getting ready to google it.)

  10. I'm sorry to hear that you've had some set backs. But that's what they are, temporary set backs. Even if you don't run the full in April there will be another just on the other side of the horizon. I'll be sending lots of good healthy / non-injury vibes your way .. good luck!!

  11. Don't you just envy the non-parent runners sometimes? Of course they miss out on some pretty cool stuff as well.

  12. I've been having some calf issues as well and I run in minimalist shoes. My chiro has been able to graston it (I think that was the technique) and between that and wearing compression calf sleeves (when I can remember where I put them) has made it possible for me to run without pain.

    Good luck. (Don't envy you on the potty training. My boys were a PITA with that.)

  13. Been a while since I've mopped up pee and can't say I miss it. Best wishes as you navigate the joys of motherhood and deal with the realities of your body as you continue to train. Do what you can to keep your sanity and your body in one piece.

  14. The animal toy trail is freakin' epic. Talk to you about the running later...

  15. Your daughter is adorable!! Mine is almost four and loves a good toy line-up! You are listening to your body and being real with yourself! Once you are up to it, you'll kick butt on the concrete as always!!


  16. Oh the joys of motherhood! I still dream of the day that messy pants and wet beds aren't a part of my life. (I have older children that still have some trouble in that department.) I love your attitude about running. I haven't run much at all since fall and I hope I get back into running when the weather gets warmer.

    Good luck with the decisions that you have ahead of you regarding the marathon. You know your body better than anyone and only you can determine if you are ready and prepared. Doing too much when your body isn't ready can only injure you more so be careful. I hope you have a great run and try to enjoy this journey.

  17. I think you have a good attitude towards the April marathon. Take it one day at a time and it will happen if it happens.

    Love the pics, specially the first one, your daughter looks focused and reflective to me, and the 3rd one, the imagination and determination that went in to setting that up is cool.

    Have a great weekend!

  18. Your daughter is soooo cute!!

    Hey, if you're not up for the marathon, you could always switch and run the Eugene half. That course is really nice too. I'm hoping you do end up going to Eugene, 'cause I'll come and see you if you're there! :)

  19. I'm sorry your hip is still giving you trouble....you yelled at it and everything...it should behave! Crossing fingers for you that it all calms down.

    Ah potty training - so much fun. ha! She's got mad animal train skillz...

  20. Oh potty training. Good luck with that. And running....or not....good luck with that as well. I totally get where you're coming from on that front. One just never knows what the body's going to be up for.

  21. So frustrating to be injured! Do you know can you down grade from the full to the half for Eugene?? Is there a deadline?

  22. She's so adorable. I don't miss potty training, though.

    I know it'll be really disappointing if you don't feel like you've been able to put in the training to do the marathon, but I also know the point for you is to run and keep running, not to sabotage your ability to do those things for a long time in order to do one race. Good luck!

  23. lol I love her!!! and that oatmeal and animal line up is amazing :) lol

    in regards to your running, don't worry. Running always has ups and downs so I don't feel sorry for you b/c the fact that you are upset is a great sign!!!! that means you WANT TO RUn.....it's different than giving up ;) so take it easy, instead of taking it on ;)


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