26 January 2012

Who needs a doorknob and some string ...

...when you have an experienced tooth-extractor in the house?

I don't want you to mistakenly think I have a license to practice dentistry... I don't. I do have a pincer-like grip and do not faint at the sight of blood, though. And when my kids are experiencing discomfort, you betcha I'm going to try to figure out a way to help.

It started a few months ago with Big G. He had a tooth to lose before they'd put the braces on. He had started working it on his own in fear of getting a professional extraction, complete with giant hypodermic needles of numbing agents and big pairs of pliers and mouth-cranking-open apparatuses. He wanted none of that. The offending tooth had been dangling by a root for about a week and bugging the daylights out of him when I offered to yank it out.

I explained that first I'd put a topical numbing agent on the area, then I'd wash my hands while the numbing started. Once the area was numb, I'd grab the tooth and yank it out. So simple. Yes, I told him, there would be blood...but we have gauze for that!

He was game.

We brushed on a little of this...

And less than 2 minutes later, the tooth was comfortably out and the bloody hole was packed in gauze.

Then a few weeks back, Baby X asked for the same thing when her loose tooth was interfering in her ability to enjoy any meal. The whole 'operation' went off without a hitch :)

But they were experienced tooth-losers.

Q-man has been anxiously awaiting the day (or night) when he could put a tooth under his pillow in anticipation of the Tooth Fairy. As you may remember, the Tooth Fairy at our house may be forgetful at times, but she has also been known to be foolishly generous! He's been working on a couple of teeth for over a month now, and this week they got to the annoying stage.

Hey, mom...will you pull my teeth out for me?

Of course I obliged.

He says it hurt...but he is cackling like a freakin' hyena...how much could it have hurt? We did get that top one out last night...nearly identical scenario. He's now feverishly working on the adjacent teeth. He wasn't satisfied with the dollar amount the Tooth Fairy left for him, and he knows the only way to get more money is to lose more teeth!

The highlights of this movie for me are:

  • how awesome I look when I am ready to go to bed
  • the fact that there is so much background noise that it sounds like I run an out-of-control daycare
  • the poor guy gagging on that wad of gauze
  • and, of course, how hysterically he is laughing!

Ever had teeth pulled?

Ever done that doorknob trick or seen it done?


  1. I have had many teeth pulled, but had to do it with the big needles and pliers at the dentist. The tooth fairy is often forgetful at our house too:). Never used the doorknob and string method. Way to help your kids out!

  2. I was a "hanging by a thread" kind of kid. Drove my mum nuts, especially because she doesn't "do" blood...

    Colin, on the other hand, wiggled 4 previously firmly rooted teeth completely out on a 2 hour ferry ride to see his grandparents.

    Guess who's going to be the resident tooth puller in our house?

  3. My dad used to use the doorknob trick on me when I was a kid. I remember it not hurting at all, even though I was very anxious about the process!

  4. I love how he is just cracking up! I was totally prepared to wince in pain but because he seemed to enjoy the whole thing, it made me laugh :)

  5. I seriously just cried because I was laughing so hard at Little Man Q laughing so hard! You would've never known it hurt him!

    I've never done the doorknob, but I've definitely pulled some teeth. I showed my niece a pair of pliers just an hour ago, but she wouldn't let me come near her!

  6. I love this! I had one tooth pulled at the dentist's office and I think he made a wise choice by having you pull it! Gagging and puking make me laugh my butt off, so the gagging was the highlight for me. Way to go!

  7. That is hysterical! Do you hire out? You may have the potential for a nice little side business with this teeth pulling thing! ;-)

  8. My brother was "that kid" who just kept wiggling the crap out of the teeth until they could lay flat both forward and back but he was too scared to pull them out. It drove both me and my parents bonkers. I decided to be the "good" big sister one day and "help" him with his problem. He fell asleep on the couch with his mouth open and I woke him up by ripping out both top front teeth. I BARELY touched the darn things and they FELL out! He started screaming and crying over it when my parents got home. Dad high-fived me and gave be $10. lol

  9. Oh you are my hero! My daughter has two teeth that need to come out before braces,, but they aren't even thinking about wiggling yet...please help!

  10. That was hilarious. My little guy just lost a top tooth from a swift kick from big sister. He was happy with the tooth out, and didn't care how it happened.

  11. Holy. Freaking. Hilarious.
    My dad used to pull ours out with pliers.
    Awesome, huh. ;)

  12. Oh my god. This is soooo cute. I love him! I always thought the little one was my favorite. ;-) What a great video to have!

  13. Awesome! My oldest actually just reaches in and yanks her own out, like no big thing. It cracks me up every time.

    I was just reading your 11 randoms (and YES ants warrant an F-bomb! Ack!) and Kate's comment - and now I'm wondering what the odds are that she'll actually watch your video :)

  14. I had my wisdom teeth pulled a few years ago. My Dentist made it out to be the worst possible thing I could ever go through. So I show up at the oral surgeon ready to be put under (which actually made me more nervous then the teeth pulling), he looks at me and basically says..."Put under? You have to be kidding..."

    So I'm like screw it just do it with a local. And it wasn't that big of a deal. My dentist called me, shocked that I'd "manned up"...was kind of amusing actually.

  15. My husband pulled an incisor out of my son's mouth a week or so ago. I'm a bit squeamish, but it wasn't a big deal. Thankfully, same dad remembered at 5 AM the next morning to make sure the tooth fairy hooked him up with some cash.

  16. Loved the video, specially the giggling! I started laughing along too. It sounded like a relieved nervous laugh like he worked himself up for an ordeal and it was nothing after all. Good stuff.

    BTW, for a hundred dollars, I might let you pull one of my teeth :-).

  17. I have had zero tooth pulled out. I did the job myself for all of them. I am not sure I could do that for my kids...I am a wuss!!

  18. Em still has her teeth but I am the resident tooth puller for my two nieces! They let them just dangle there until I come visit and then YANK they're out!!

  19. OMG!!! that video is amazing!!! I love how "virgin" you could tell he was.....it was completely his first tooth pulling. I loved his giggling! I have never pulled a baby tooth, nor had mine pulled but I have, believe it or not had 9 teeth pulled - one had to be cut out of the roof of my mouth, as it had "lost it's way" YUCK!

  20. So cute!! What a trooper he was even though you could tell he was nervous.

    I wonder if you could use that kanka stuff on eyebrows? My 12 y.o. is a total crybaby when it comes to plucking eyebrows and she REALLY needs it. Ha!

  21. I'm sure that the tooth fairy appreciates your help and expertise. In a home with lots of children, being able to help out with those loose teeth is a great quality to have, don't you think? Do you know a thing or two about toothaches as well? It's nice to have some skills and remedies for that in case of tooth emergencies...

  22. You are one talented mom! Having a resident tooth-extractor at home can surely come in handy. Your kids are real brave - you must be very proud.


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