28 January 2012

In Search Of: Content

Things have been pretty uneventful on the XL front...with one exception that I am not yet ready to share. I will share...of course...but I want to do a good job of it. A really good job of it.

So while the ideas for that share have been marinating in my brain, I went for a little bike ride and took the kids out to dinner. I was hoping for high drama during both events so that I'd have something fun and funny (or at least interesting) to share right now...but both were essentially drama-free events.

It was a gorgeous day for a bike ride, though a touch windy. Everyone and his brother, sister, and off-leash dog were out on the trail today. Sometimes I wish people would just stay home...with their illegally off-leash dogs. But when it looks like this out...

...how can you blame them for wanting to revel in the summer-like beauty of this January day?

I just rode around for an hour...I don't think my heart-rate went over 100. I was trying to enjoy life and feel happy. I was able to force it for about 30 minutes, then I started crying. Not like wailing-and-moaning crying...just tears and some soft hiccups. I finished up by the time I got home.

The kids had been begging for burritos...not homemade ones, though. They wanted real American taqueria burritos. (Isn't this akin to an oxymoron or something? Where are my English majors?) So I packed the unruly brood into the minivan, and we went in search of drama for the blog burritos for dinner. We wound up at Picante. It's very family-friendly (read: LOUD) with decent-to-good food.

I was more shocked than anyone (and probably the only one disappointed...but only because of the need for blog material) by my children's flawless behavior inside the restaurant. Outside was a different story...

The requisite pre-dinner head-stepping...

...and pre-dinner pretend-rifle-firing.

I think this one just had to pee.

Given these antics, I was geared up to mentally take notes for a great Dinner Disaster blog post...that didn't materialize. Realizing it was a win either way :) I sat back and enjoyed my meal... in a restaurant with all four of my children. Enjoyed... for the first time ever!

Hmmmm... I suppose that is slightly interesting.

So here's what's been going on with me this past week...in case you missed something...and we wouldn't want that to happen...

  • While eating Cheetos and watching NASCAR, I shared way many more random things about myself (twenty-two things, to be exact)
  • my little girl now pees and poops in the potty :)  are y'all doing a happy dance for that? cuz you should be
  • I showed you how to make a Rundihat and an XLBand :)
  • we got confused about Richard or Gene Simmons...and this morning I had a somewhat similar conversation with my husband... I asked a question that this guy could've used in his routine... which one is James Taylor and which is Jackson Browne?
  • but the coolest thing I did was yank my kid's teeth out with my bare hands!  And he was happy about it :)
  • and then finally there's the Pinterest thing... 
I hope everyone's enjoying their weekend :) And that all the racers have had or end up having awesome race experiences!


  1. What a fantastic way to end your week! I love it when we can go out as a family and it is uneventful. The pictures are super cute!!! can't wait to hear your "news"! Have a wonderful sabbath!

  2. FIrst of all, you can't HINT at big news and then not tell us. It's just not right! HA - totally relate - every nice day we have hear, loose dogs everywhere... come barking up in this runner's face. Beware, I'm not afraid to use my pepper spray on your dog, or call the cops.
    Am I following you on Pinterest yet? I was so hungry last night pinning recipes... for things I shouldn't eat.

  3. Isn't our weather amazing? I know we need rains and I am desperately urging snow gods to send some of that white stuff to the Sierras, but still, I cannot stop smiling every day when I see our beautiful days.

    Kids of this age behaving so well... are you sure they are not coming down with something? :-)

    So what's the big news? Share!

  4. Is that Angel island? What a gorgeous day! I ran a race in Fremont with a view of the city. A clear view! It was crazy and wonderful!

    Man I love those Very Authentic Mexican Burritos (that you can only get in California)! I want one right now!

  5. oh boy - WHAT a gorgeous day for a bike ride! I could use some of that up here today as I have a ride on the books and plenty of rain...although I hear I missed a pretty spectacular double rainbow by sleeping in today :-(

  6. Beautiful picture from your ride! I like the innocent look your daughter has in her photo.

    Why the cry? Just needed it?

  7. Love it. :)

    I always think of AMAZING blog posts before they materialize but then am so deflated when they don't. I got nothin' and I'm a blogging poseur.

    Hope you're having an amazing and EVENTful weekend :)

  8. Such a tease. :(

    My friend asked me today what has happened lately that hasn't made the blog, and I was like....ummmmm.... Nothing.

    We had a beautiful day here today, too. Got into the high 40's. Crazy "winter" we're having.

    Pinterest? Must find you.

    I do the crying thing on a run sometimes. Usually I just revel in my bad mood, and then by the time I get home I'm better. Or at least better than I was.

  9. I think I got this figured out..by perusing the website, I'm not sure I'd call Picante a taqueria, at least based on my understanding of the word. I think you went to an Americanized Mexican restaurant (In fact, 1 of 5 Mexican restaurants are called "Picante", it's the Mexican equivalent of a French bakery being called "Le Petite Baguette").

    A Taqueria by definition is a hole in the wall with no more than 3 tables and usually no other name or unique identifying mark past a simple sign saying "Taqueria" out front.

  10. @Patrick...I am so glad to know what, officially, a taqueria is! And it's LA petite baguette...the article must agree with the gender of the noun :)

  11. TEASE.

    Dogs on the loose = not OK with me and I have a dog and I love dogs...on a leash.


  12. If my kids have a event-less quiet dinner, I'd be checking foreheads for fevers!

  13. @XLMIC - Look, we traded knowledge! That's the blogosphere working as intended. Want to go camping?

  14. Sometimes you just need a good cry...and out there on the road was probably the nest place! Sorry you were sad :(

  15. Always good to have an uneventful dinner, especially at a quasi-taqueria. Of course the Urban Dictionary defines it as "an uncomfortable condition typically caused by the ingestion of one or more tacos and/or burritos," so maybe it was more eventuful than you were letting on?

  16. Isn't it awesome when you can take your kids out AND enjoy your meal? I've yet to experience it, but I'm hoping it will happen sometime in the next 15 years ;)

  17. It's kind of amazing when things actually go as planned and people behave like they are expected to. :)

    Your weather looks amazing. Send some of your sun up to Seattle! I've been following your posts about serotonin and stuff- I hope that all gets straightened out.

  18. Oh my goodness, couldn't stop laughing when looking at those pictures. *people looking at me funny*


  19. You just never know where inspiration from come from. You did a good job of finding it.

    Looking forward to hearing your big news!

  20. AH the anticipation of the news! I do that too though, look around and think I should blog about that! I've been gone lately but I'm here!


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