06 January 2012

an insane and incongruous five things rant

1. I haven't written much about running or working out for a reason....there's nothing to write about. And that stinks. The only thing to really say about the topic is that I am still trying to adjust to my new shoes and new way of running. Today I have a massive and painful muscle knot in my left calf. I ran 4 miles on Wednesday night (yes, in spite of the marauding burglars on the loose) and did 4 little burst-ish quarters, one each mile, going from a sluggy yet comfy pace of 9:30-10/mile to a brisker yet still comfy-ish pace of 8-8:30/mile. I think the semi-speed work is the culprit because at the end of the 4th quarter thingy, my lower left leg literally stopped working. It didn't hurt and there was nothing to precede this, the leg just stopped working. Such a weird feeling.

2. I've been really struggling lately. Chronic pain is a snarly, rabid bitch that should be put out of her misery. Even though my hip is doing much better, I'm having some weird inflammation issues. I believe my migraines and chilblains are a result of this. I am about to embark on a radical path in an attempt to sort this crap out. And the inflammation issue extends past simply body comfort and on into attitude...meaning that my psyche also feels 'inflamed'. More than a weird feeling, this piece of my life just sucks right now...plain and simple. More on the 'radical path' as I begin it.

3. Seems like I've seen the term "no excuses" a lot lately. Maybe I'm imagining this because I am in a compromised condition...again... and starting to feel like I'm making excuses and so feel guilty or some such crap about that. But is "I really HURT" a valid 'excuse'? Or how about "I really want to hang out with my family"? I guess I just wish people were more sensitive about how they toss around terms like that. Or maybe I just need to turn a deaf ear. Probably the latter.

4. The Olympics. I think because it is a summer Olympics year and the hype has begun, I've been thinking about how different things are now as compared to when I was younger. I miss the amateur angle of The Games. Sure, the Easter Bloc countries used to have athlete 'factories' and some countries subsidized their athletes as a way of trying to gain a stranglehold on the medals. And guess what? Non-subsidized and non-factory-farmed athletes still won. Maybe not as much, but they still did medal and sometimes win. Four-time Olympic gold medalist in the discus, Al Oerter, was one of these amateurs... enthralled with the joy of competing and the journey...

Al Oerter, 1971

This is not to say that I am down on professional athletes and professional sports...I just wish the Olympics had been kept 'pure'. Furthermore, I do think there is a difference in subsidizing athletes' living expenses by creating programs like OJOP (which I don't see as an egregious violation of amateurism) as compared to allowing NBA players and track stars with multimillion-dollar endorsement contracts and race winnings in excess of five or six figures to compete (clearly not a shred of amateurism in that). Additionally, I think the doping issues would have been nearly non-existent had there been no massive monetary gain. The Olympics seem now more about money and fame than anything else, and that is sad to me.

5. This descent into crackpot-ness has nothing to do with the burglars. I'm pretty much over that...mostly because nothing near and dear to my heart was harmed or taken. I learned a solid lesson that I am taking with me as I move on. As long as my little people are safe, I'm basically good. 

Even if I am a crackpot. Which I won't be for long. It's a phase. I think.


  1. On your #3, I'm always more sensitive to stuff like that when I feel like it's hitting home. Of course, you know there's a difference between pain or priorities and making excuses. You're a person who makes exercise a priority, but it seems like you have a good balance in your life too. I hope the clouds lift for you soon!

  2. I caught up on your blog last night on my phone and I am so sorry you are injured :( of course you are cranky and your attitude isn't as great because you hurt and don't get to do the thing you love. I hope you feel better soon <3

  3. I am also dealing with injuries right now and I'm going crazy not being able to exercise at all! I know that I will heal and get back to normal but I have a very valid excuse and so do you. There are area where"no excuses" can be used such as eating, drinking, drug use but pain and injury is not one of those. Listen to your body and don't push yourself more than you can handle.
    Look at how far you have come and let your body adjust before you push yourself too hard to do even more! You are AMAZING!
    You ended with what is really important in this life, our families. Nothing is as precious or of greater worth than those little ones that call us "mom". I'm so sorry that you are hurting. Give yourself time to heal and love on those sweet kids and let them soften your heart of all of your worries. Take care!

  4. Interesting points about the Olympics - yea it seems like basically it's professionals who are only competing at the Olympics now. Al Oerter is an amazing athlete - I think he is still the only athlete to win a gold medal in the same event at 4 straight Olympics. Amazing stuff. I think he even won 1 of the golds with bruised or broken ribs or something - the guy was impressive.

  5. 1-weird. :/ Hope it works again soon.
    2-Sorry. Interested to hear about your radical path and how it works out!
    3-There is a difference between excuses and reasons. Take care of injury, be smart. You already know that of course. If you weighed 300lbs and spent your free time as a blob on the couch stuffing your face then complained that you were just too busy or it was too hard, I'd come over and smack you and yell "no excuses!" just to tick you off. But only because I love you. Be good to your body and enjoy your family. And turn a deaf ear. :)
    5-smart woman. Even if you are a crackpot.

  6. Pain sucks and can wear you down emotionally and physically...I know how that is :(
    I hope your new plan works and you become pain free once again very soon!
    Gosh speaking of little ones! Miss C is looking so mature! Her hair is getting fuller and she is just looking adorable!
    I hope you have a great weekend!

  7. Injuries are dumb, and they suck.

    There's a giant difference between using excuses to stay lazy and unhealthy, and having reasons to miss a workout/grab takeout/eat a cupcake. ;)

  8. I love that you are a crackpot.. makes life more fun. :)

    I hope your injury gets much better very fast and it all turns around for you soon.

  9. I think your excuse is actually excuse worthy! It provides ample explanation!

  10. I have posted about no excuses a few times on my blog( I think you even commented about one:) ) I don't think being injured or spending time with your family is ever an excuse. Those are very valid reasons. I think the majority of these posts (mine for sure) are to encourage those that are inactive or being lazy (like me sometimes) to get out there and get healthy. Get your rest and heal up! Just ignore my annoying posts:)

    P.S. I am dealing with plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis so I am having to decrease my running too. Sucks!

  11. Pain is a valid "excuse"!! Hang in there :(

    TOTALLY agree about the Olympics.

  12. As a side note to my previous comment, today on my blog is "Free Rant Friday". You can go there and get all your rants out so you can enjoy your weekend. Plus, I put up a couple of pics that will make all your rants go away:)

  13. Nope. Being in pain and injured is not an excuse. An excuse is something you make up so you don't have to do something. Your condition is real and need to be treated as such. The only excuse would be if you didn't try to find a solution and laid on the couch for the next 20 years. I don't see you doing that.

    And I'm sorry. I know it stinks.

  14. No excuses is about the people that say things like:
    I have a runny nose today.
    I have to watch my favorite show.
    It doesn't matter what I eat - obesity is in my genes (as they down another pint of Ben&Jerry's).
    Exercise makes my muscles sore.
    *whine* *whine* *whine*
    Take good care of yourself. Sometimes that means taking a break so you can heal. Sometimes it's changing what kind of exercise you do. BTW, "no excuses" is Biggest Loser's theme for this season. Explains why you've been hearing about it so much!

  15. YOU are not an excuse person. You lead a great, healthy lifestyle and can rest your body when you want or need to. Excuses are for those people eating a pint of ice cream watching The Biggest Loser saying, "that could be me if..."

    You know...you could skip your workouts for a month without any excuse and be just fine.

    I still love the Olympics, no matter who is competing. I love them. I can't wait.

    I hope you get back into your groove soon!!

  16. Whether or not someone is making excuses is up to that same someone to decide on their own. And people who take a "no excuses" stance are terrified that they'll start making their own excuses any day.

    I have to respectfully disagree on the pro athletes in the Olympics thing, at least until athletes can get the support they need to maintain their amateur status. One of the girls who was just shortlisted for the US women's track cycling team is a friend of mine and she is working behind the counter of the LBS trying to keep things together. Don't get me wrong, she's happy to do it, but I would guess she wouldn't mind if things were a little easier.

  17. Just taking a moment to say that you are loved Marjorie. By so many of us. Sorry you've been hurting. :( You are the last person I can think of that would think of when it comes to making excuses. Enjoy this time with your family and know that you are still an amazing, bright, brilliant, and gifted woman with or without your training.

  18. On #3 - I think people who say "no excuses" mean "I want to watch TV tonight" isn't an excuse to skip a run or "I had a long day at work" isn't an excuse to skip yoga class.

    Injury is not an "excuse." Any seasoned athlete will tell you that injuries need REST. And as active people we often have a very hard time thinking rest is ok.

    So just remember - You NEED rest. Rest is GOOD for you sometimes.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  19. Hope you feel better, sounds like the pain might be a manifestation of all the stress you are going through? Feel better.

  20. I don't believe that "no excuses" crap. If your body hurts and says no, then no it is. You know how people always say to trust your gut? What's wrong with trusting your body once in a while? (except when it says finish a whole bag of cheetos-don't listen to it then...:)

  21. Having been on the injured reserve list for 18 months, I get your feelings. It was NOT easy reading blog after blog about everyone running well and saying there were not excuses. Well, there are valid ones and what you're enduring is such a case. You've always been fairly sensitive to what others say, just try to turn away. I always think those that preach the "no excuses" mantra are so high on themselves that they feel they are one step away from being there themselves.

    I remember when I was knocking on a million doors to combat my foot issue and once had a lengthy email conversation going with Miss Zippy's Sock Doc. He told me that the stress I was under was causing my foot to not heal properly. I couldn't agree more (something about the adrenal glands...good stuff). Now that my foot is about 95% happy, I still have issues running (had a severe meltdown and walked, while crying, 6 miles home the other day)....and that is purely caused by the stress going on in my personal life. You can't just turn it off and on like a faucet, it's just there until it's not.

    Hahah....I wasn't even aware the Olympics were this summer.

    Hang in there girl. I'm always here to chat...miss those days!

  22. When it rains is pours, I know. Maybe when your calf feels better you can build up your mileage little by little with lots of slow running before you do speed work again. I am a big fan of the Wave Rider but I haven't tried the 15s b/c they are so darn expensive.

    I particularly hate Olympic basketball.

  23. I'm all about 'no excuses'. It makes me kind of bummed that the phrase is getting overused to the point of becoming meaningless.

    I'm with you on the Olympic thing. I don't get how the basketball/tennis/hockey professionals can be in the Olympics. Makes no sense.


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