05 January 2013

Saturday Sweetness

Now it's my turn to complain about where I live ;-)

This pond has a paved path around it that is one mile. There are many types of water birds that hang out here in addition to the fabulous Canada geese. We didn't see anything but geese and seagulls today, but I have seen other birds here before. This path is where I used to run my mile repeats back in the olden days...back when my mile repeats were in the 6:10 range. Like, a million years ago. 

We were actually headed to Mt. Tamalpais (the mountain in the distance) for a nice, gentle hike. But prep time got away from us. And there was lots of screaming and yelling and recalcitrance. It's hard to remember what preceded what...so in the interest of 'no shame and no blame' we'll just leave it at this:  it was a difficult morning. So instead we drove 7 minutes to this park. We brought a picnic lunch, all the bikes and scooters and everyone had the best time.

I only got pictures of Miss C's 'best time' because she wasn't leaving the trees and I really couldn't leave her unattended. The older 3 rode and ran around the pond without us.

 Examining the ants.

Praising the tree.

Harvesting the seeds off the tree.

How could this sweet family outing possibly get any sweeter?



  1. Looks gorgeous! What a sweet day indeed!

  2. What fun! It looks a *little* different here.

  3. While I've never thought I would "fit in" in places like where you live and I love where I live - the balmy winter weather is quite appealing. Love the pictures and the simplicity of the joys here. Very sweet! And finishing with donuts? Perfect!

  4. I must admit that I am jealous of your green grass and summertime apparel :-) Since donuts are my favorite I might have to come and visit your family in the warm climate and sneak in on your park days/donut dates, hah!!

  5. Beautiful! And ain't it the truth that some outings with kids are like that? It looks like you guys made the best of it.

  6. Very pretty park. I ran around the same time for mile repeats around the same time frame. Freaky! :)

    But fun times a the park trump all the drama getting there, especially when ended with donuts!

  7. Some times the simple things are the best. Well, nothing is really simple with kids that are whiny and fighting, but you know what I mean :-)

  8. Looks like a beautiful day and a fun place!

  9. It looks that you enjoyed your Saturday! Great!

  10. Where in this post are you complaining about where you live. Is the photo of the independently owned and operated donut shop some sort of visual irony, like sweeter my ass why the hell do we not have Dunkin' Donuts in California?

    I'm either really tired or really stupid (or both) but you'll need to explain this to me.

  11. Those pictures are breathtakingly beautiful! You live in a beautiful area!


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