14 January 2013

She's a natural...

And it's winter...

Two beautiful photos for you on this beautiful day :)

Still cranking through this high school application biz...hope to be done tonight! But then it will be time to tackle the financial end of things. I remember complaining about college tuition going up over ten grand...we're looking at triple that for high school :P Keep wishing me some luck :)

Hope to spend some more time here later in the week!

Wishing you all a lovely day :)


  1. She does look like a natural! Just like her momma! Pretty soon there will be boys chasing her. ;)

  2. I want to wear fun tights and skip and run. High school tuition...yikes!

  3. beautiful! and holy crap on tuition. which is why i still want to move back to alabama!

  4. My daughter went to a private HS; by the time I was done paying for that, my other two went to public school. The cost of her books alone are more than my two in public school, and I'm convinced they get a better education! Ha.

    Adorable daughter, as always!! :)

  5. Two really lovely photos! Our tuition fees also went up like crazy this year. Books are also very expensive here in SA.

  6. We are fortunate that the HS our kids will go to isn't too out of hand price-wise (yet). I figure as long as it stays under the amount we paid when they were in daycare, I can't complain too much. We found a way to pay for that so we'll find a way to pay for HS. Though it is annoying that it will be close to what I paid for college 20 years ago.


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