18 January 2013

Putting it to the REAL test?

The other day I was talking about patience. I outlined but didn't detail my new training approach, or rather, my return to an old and effective for me training approach. As I proceed with strengthening and stretching and massaging and cross-training and not running, I'm wondering what would happen if I didn't run at all before my race on Feb. 3.

My hip still isn't perfect. And running does make it more sore. Not irretrievably painful but sore nonetheless. The more pliable and strong things get, the better it will hold up. Anyway, that's my understanding of it, so that's where my focus is right now.

What do we think would happen if I really adhered to the Don't Run, Run Faster Training Plan leading up to my 5K in 2+ weeks? Honestly, I think it would be okay. But also honestly, I don't think I have the self-restraint to not run at all before then!

Opening up the opinion poll:

What's your take on this idea?


  1. If you can stick to your cross training and strength training I think you'll be fine. You're not attempting a relay or a half marathon, not that running 3 miles is necessarily easy, but keeping up your cardiovascular heath will make it less hard.

    I'm not sure that even makes sense. :)

  2. My anecdotal evidence that cross training like a beast and vaguely running will be successful: My husband ran a 10k a few weeks after completing P90X. He did a handful of runs - 3-4 milers, once or twice a week, and sometimes my shorter weekend run with me - 5-8 miles. He PR'ed by 8 minutes. (I'm not bitter, really, that I ran my ass off, trained for a marathon, and only knocked off 4 minutes. NOT AT ALL).

    I think cross training and maintaining your cardio will be rad. What could possibly go wrong.

  3. I find that my body hurts more when I cut back on the running. I get all tight and uncomfortable.

    I bet you could wing it on a 5K. If you run a 20 min 5K without any running for two weeks beforehand, I might try and steal your idea. I'd totally love to run that, no matter the cost ;)

    Tomorrow I'm running a 10K \after two months of half-assed training. We shall see how that goes.

    1. I think I might try running 2 miles twice next week and maybe again the week after (right before the race). I don't want to forget what pavement feels like :P

  4. I think you need to TM your plan--I say try it! But, you know--I have greatly reduced my running too! :)

  5. I think it might be great for you. You are a runner, so getting back to that is not going to be hard for you...and the change in workout might just be the push you need to boost things.

  6. I agree with stephrunson, and I assume you'll be rocking the eliptical.

    Or you could aquajog

  7. Being hurt sucks. I say go for it with the not running thing mostly because I want to see how it turns out!

  8. ditto on the elliptical. you love that crazy thing. wing it, and see how it goes. :)

  9. I'm really late to this party...but would love to hear what you decided to do about this....


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