10 January 2013

High School

Who remembers high school? Okay...now who remembers it fondly?

High school for me was a mixed bag. Academically, the institution I attended was highly-ranked and well-regarded. It was our city's public high school. Very few people in the district sent their kids elsewhere because it was considered such a great school.

Ours was a school of tremendous diversity...in all areas: racial, religious, economic, cultural...you name it. Still there was a lot of 'fitting-in' angst. But I see now, after watching my 6 stepkids navigate this period, the angst is fairly universal even if it isn't always obvious.

Why am I talking about high school?

My big boy is about to embark on the adventure, that's why. And it isn't a simple procedure.

The local public high school is not a good fit for him. He would be miserable and afraid. He would for sure get jacked up and shoved into a locker sometime in the first or second week of school. I'm not a doom-sayer...I just know my kid. This school is my husband's alma mater, and way back when he was a student it was a great school for him, and he loved it. But my guys are different animals, one from the other. And so we've been doing the Private School Application Game with Big G. Lots of open houses, student shadow visits, interviews, and application essays. Fun stuff. And we're all starting to feel a wee bit stressed. Deadlines are looming...everything needs to be in by next Thursday.

He has chosen three schools to which he plans to apply. They are all great, and I do believe he would be happy in each one, but they are all as different as they are similar. I'm wondering how much influence I should exert over the decision-making process. I'm wondering if there will even need to be a decision. And I am a little overwhelmed at the parental pieces of the application! We have to write essays, too!

Long story short...I'm distracted from this blog right now. And top it off with not running for a myriad of reasons (actually, not exercising at all)... not much time and really very little to say :( So not like me!


hold that thought!


as Schwarzenegger would say,

"I'll be back!"

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!  :)


  1. I know what you mean about the high school thing. I am having that same debate here and my oldest is only in 7th grade.... Unfortunately, the private schools (that are worth attending and paying for) are an hour away. Otherwise, there wouldn't be a question. So hard. YOu want to do the right thing, but you also don't want it to be because of what YOU want as opposed to what your KID wants. ugh. Good luck.

    1. One of the schools is a little over an hour away...the other two are about 20-30 minutes (our house is in the middle of the two and one is in the opposite direction of EVERYthing I do...including driving my other kids to school). I totally want to let it be up to him...but not sure how that might go!

  2. Yikes! Big decisions to make Marjorie. I wish you the best as you think of the best fit for your son. And breaks from blog...good thing sometimes...seems like my entire fall. :) Wishing you healing so that you'll be running/exercising SOON. :( :) If anything, to help you with this high school thing. I was self taught for half of high school but the parts I do remember were interesting. WAs glad I had cross country and track as a plug in.

  3. Good luck getting things figured out. I hear you on the stress of getting it in, making the decisions, and all that craziness. Times like that make me want to hide under the blankets until someone swoops in and takes care of it for me...which of course never happens...and that's why our big girl panties have holes near the waistband from being pulled up so often. :P

    Take care, friend! I'll look forward to seeing you when you're back. :)

  4. Most of high school is what I endured in order to get on with the rest of my life. I had a few fond memories, but mostly not. I was a nerd and just hoped college would be the answer to my prayers (it sort of was). I hope your son can find the right fit and that all the other pieces fall into place as you navigate this. Our kids will go to the Catholic high school here so no real decision to be made.

  5. good luck with it all! i'm sure it will all work out the way it is supposed to :) enjoy your weekend too! xo

  6. Good luck with everything! Hope it all works out for the best, whichever path it may be.

  7. We all hit spots that slow us down, physically or emotionally and we can easily get right back at it when things cool off. No worries...we'll all still be here.

  8. This school stuff is so much more stressful than it should be. Best of luck with the decision! I do have fond memories of high school (not all of them, but most of them), and hopefully your son will too, regardless of where he ends up.

  9. I remember those days -- I thought it was incredible how high school choice now a days was like college for us. Crazy. Good luck.

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