04 January 2013

Race Optimism and Goals

Just a quick post about what I'm looking at and what I'm wanting in terms of races this year. Entry fees have been paid, but who knows if I'll make it to starting lines. Looking forward with Optimism, as I said in my post the other day, I'm operating as if :)

Kaiser 5K February 3...I ran this for the first time last year when I was struggling in so many ways and still managed to run it at an 8:15 average pace (the course is officially longer than 5K so that's how I like to gauge my performance at this race). This year I'm struggling less. I'd like to finish it with the speed I had in my 5K in November...7:30 average pace. My training plan is structured as if this is going to happen.

Last year looking like Stone-cold Steve Austin

Oakland Running Festival half-marathon March 24...I've only run the relay, both last year and the year before. This year all of my relay teammates decided to try the half. I was kind of annoyed because I like routine...and running less. Running Leg 2 of the Oakland Marathon had become part of my March routine...amazing how doing something twice makes it feel like 'routine.' Anyway...I said, FINE. Half-marathon... whatEVER .... Goal on this one...start healthy and finish happy. I give myself full permission to shamelessly not start. And in the event that I start and things go sour, I will unabashedly not finish. But in the vein of Optimism, I'm operating as if it will all be sunshine and roses :)

Leg 2 of the 2012 Oakland Marathon Relay

Bay to Breakers May 19...I've run this one three times, last year the year before and back in 1994. Seeing the naked people is not a highlight for me (click the links if you want to see naked B2B people). My favorite part of the race is, surprisingly...or perhaps in my case, not surprisingly, Hayes Street Hill. Overall, this race gave me a hard time all three years, and with the gleam of Optimism in my eyes, I look forward to me giving it a hard time this year :)

O, the irony of this parting gift...

Sonoma 5K Turkey Trot November 28...my yearly return-to-running barometer, I ran this one last year and the year before and the year before that. Since the fall of 2010, I've improved my 5K time by 5 minutes and 40 seconds. This year I'd like to set a real 5K PR by knocking another 2 minutes off my time from 2012. If I can stave off bloggermarathonhighmileagemania, I have confidence that I can stay healthy enough to at least come close. Am I the only blogger who has a 5K for her 'A' race this year?

First woman...yeah, I won. Go figure.

I'm looking at a few others, among them the San Francisco Second Half, but I'm curious about how things will pan out with the first three listed above before committing.

And there's always Hood to Coast in late August...I'm planning my Nuun team application already ;-)

I'd love to hear about your race plans and goals for 2013 in a comment below!


  1. You look so badass when you run :D

    I hope you decide to run SF! I'll be running the first half this year.

  2. Dang you look scary and tough! But then you're all soft sunshine in the last pic - what a conundrum. My race goals for this year are to glue together my broken pieces and run one :)

  3. I'm putting a 5K on as well, in October. It's because based on last years results, I can win. The race is a secret because I don't want you showing up and speed-blocking it.

  4. I'm working on my race wish list and specific goals for the year. A post to come soon. Just need to come to terms with putting it out there for everyone to see.

  5. Fingers crossed that you make it to every start line healthy and ready to race!

  6. Happy running this year, I hope you get to do every race you want with fast Healy legs :)

  7. That is ridiculous elevation! ;)

    Working on my race calendar now - the goal is to complete the 13 in 2013 Challenge - hopefully the body will cooperate.

    Happy New Year!

  8. no SF half marathon?
    no California Race?

    this plan needs revision!

    I got that HTC gig on my plan as well!!! :)

  9. hey ho! I forgot
    Happy new Year!
    Bonne Annee!

  10. I usually have my local Turkey Trot 5K as an "A" race too. Only one way to get faster, ya know :)

  11. Yay, I'm doing Oakland and sf 2nd half too!! And you have the best legs ever!!

  12. yay for 1/2 marathons :) BQ is the big dream. hopefully!

  13. Congratulations to you and to you career you've chosen. Your body speaks for you, that you are physically fit. Just don't forget to take up supplements to help you body to boost more.

  14. I am sooooo behind in blog-reading, but a few things....

    1) Yay!! Oakland Half!! It will be awesome. It will.
    2) I've totally had a 5K A-race before, because 5Ks are awesome.
    3) I can't run it this year, but I feel like I really should get around to running Bay to Breakers sometime....

    Good luck with your training!!


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