25 February 2012

No remorse...

I follow a blogger who lives literally around the corner from my childhood home. Isn't that so weird? She is hilarious and real, snarky and shameless....or so I thought.

Turns out the woman harbors shame...and not only has she shared her own shameful situation with world, but she has invited us all to link up our own shameful situations. I'm not sure to what end...but not everything has to have an 'end'.

I love coming clean regarding my foibles.  And based on her photo and some of the other linkers, I am most shameful. However... interestingly, I feel neither shame nor remorse regarding my totally crap housekeeping skillset. Nonetheless, I am always in for making people feel better about themselves...or at least giving them a good laugh at my expense.

I could do the living-out-of-my-nastyass-car shots, like Jill posted...

...but even though I've got the retro keyboard, a mouse, a pair of ice skates and 
God-knows-what-else, her carpet is way gross...
and the pirate booty she has scattered about adds a certain je ne sais quoi...
interestingly, I think we have the same car.

Then prompted by Neo's Post of Shame, my thoughts wandered to how messy I allow my kids to keep their rooms...

G's room

X's room

Q's room

...but unlike her kid's room, mine are just toy-messy 
while her photo showed dirty dishes and food wrappers.

Of course there is Miss C's disaster area, which happens to be prominently located in the family room...

But how it expands into and joins with the mess in the living room is what bugs my husband more than probably almost anything in our house...

Yes, the lovely, velvet chaise is covered with laundry... always.
Not just on Saturdays like Robot Mommy's.

...and I'm hoping Dot over at Our Adventures with Riley recognizes her table's long-lost twin :)

I could show you guys my garage...

Seriously, how did those burglar-guys find anything of value in this mess?


It was a comment left by AutismWonderland regarding the contents of her freezer that piqued my curiosity about my own freezer...

I wasn't particularly shamed by the old hamburger meat that I haven't tossed in the garbage because I keep forgetting to do that on trash day...and the thought of it rotting out there waiting for trash day totally makes me feel ill...

It does, indeed, say "08/11/11" as the freeze by date.
I put it in the freezer in September...which is why it never got used.

Nor by the Pedialyte pops that moved with us back in December 2009...

...after they had already expired in April of that year!

I think the only thing that really strikes me as super weird...and perhaps somewhat shameful... is this...

In 2007, my eldest had lice.
His little brother had lovely, long, downy, curly hair and a very hyper disposition.
We shaved his head to avoid needing to do any nit-combing or other painstaking treatment.
I put the hair in ziploc baggies and then into the freezer to kill any possible lice.
I still have these four-and-a-half-year old bags of possibly formerly lice-y hair in my freezer...
and we moved in 2009.
I guess I am shamefully sentimental about this hair.
And maybe somewhat of a hoarder?

Do come share your shame...
click on Jillsmo's cute lil' pic to be transported to the magic shame portal...



  1. The hair. Oh. My.

    This was quite funny, actually. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Not only is my table your long lost twin...I think YOU are MY long lost twin!!! We obviously have the same housekeeper...which BTW should be fired. :) Although....can't say I have any hair in my freezer. Oish.

  3. I must admit I was already thinking you were a bit of a hoarder... But the frozen hair? That was the nit on the comb for me...

  4. Thanks for this! Now I don't feel so bad about letting my teenage son keep his room in such a mess :-). Our spare room isn't any better. It's is where all my clean clothes go and I only put all of them away when we have house guests, otherwise I just pick through the pile of clean clothes to find what I need.

    It is time to ditch the hair though. I give you permission :-).

  5. For the record? I love you a little bit more right now :)

  6. Haha this is great!

    I bet people would be ashamed to see our house and some of the things we do!

  7. Oh my. The hair was a little hoarderish. might want to toss that.

  8. Thanks, that did make me feel better!:)

  9. Expired condiments, junk drawers, children's rooms and the current state of the trunk of my car (which a client saw when I dug out a copy of a plan he asked for - ack). But overall, not too much shame as I live with a neat freak and he crabs at me constantly to pick up my hoarding messes.

  10. There is no shame in toys laying around...it means people--little people are having fun. It's ok that this is the 14th year I am telling myself this, no? And it's ok that those toy strewn rooms almost make me envious, right?

    OK, but the hair? :)

  11. Thanks for sharing! And reminding me what my kid's room used to look like. Before the toys were replaced by dishes & food wrappers!! I agree though, the hair may need to go. But to each their own. My husband has OCD but became upset with me when I threw away our sons baby teeth when I cleaned out a room that was starting to look a bit like a hoarders episode. He thought we were supposed to save them for something. For what? Our debut on hoarders?

  12. What in the WHAT, XL? FROZEN LICE HAIR?!?!?! I wasn't sure I should be laughing at the beginning, but by the end I didn't care what was appropriate. I was hysterical. :-)

  13. I've always thought housekeeping is over rated. You crack me up!!!

  14. If I post what my teenagers rooms look like I think someone will call and report me.. Just sayin

  15. hahahaha before I even read further I was thinking "well we've all already seen your garage ;)" - lol I love!

    that was our garage growing up.

    my shame photo would be me - at this computer well I turn on another episode of Dora for Logan ;)

  16. Thank you for sharing, you are so brave. I remember the chaos when my girls were little. My house is still not the tidiest.

  17. Ok everything else I get, but the hair?? LOL! I feel like I'm becoming a hoarder but we're moving soon so my motivation to getting rid of things is asking myself "Do I want to pack and haul this?" If the answer is no, out it goes!

  18. I think I just barfed after that hair picture...the rest of the freezer contents looks like mine, though.

  19. I cleaned out a drawer a while ago that held the dumped out contents of an old purse. It was a bit embarrassing to find work schedules and an entire roll of cherry Lifesavers that were from *before* Spud was born (2007).

    Not sure what to say about the hair...

  20. {heart}! Back before anyone read my blog, I did a post about how I spread my sweaty running & karate clothes out on the floor in my bedroom to dry, and the shame I felt ashamed of not feeling. You are my people.


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