17 February 2012

Pete and Repeat were sitting on a fence... and the G update :)

Time to cram more inane tidbits down your throat entertain you with more XL trivia, this time at the behest of Alexandra, she of Fun and Fit fame.

I did this 'random 11 thing' rather recently and you can go here to see how that went. Y'all probably know the rules...and I'm not following all of them. Sorry! This time, let's go with numbers that hold some significance for me... here we go...numerical facts...

1, 2, and 3 are the most important set of numbers today and are as follows... 9:25 (G's mile time in December), 9:15 ( his time in January), and now his time from Wednesday....*drumroll, please*... 8:16!

4, 5, 6, and 7 are numbers no longer of any consequence...old personal bests of an athletic nature...rites of passage, if you will... 

21:20 (5K PR set in 1997...about a week before this picture was taken),

3:49 and change...I'm too lazy to look it up (marathon PR set in 1996...in this race pictured below),

15 (pull-ups I could do in 45 seconds...from the late 90's as well. Sadly, I can no longer do a single one),


7:22 (my best 2K erg time set in 1991 six months after this picture was taken...

You knew I was in People magazine, right?

...and four months after this picture was taken...

...you already knew I met Fidel Castro...
but did you know I ran in Hood to Coast?  ;-)

which was the last time I tested...the day before my big car accident...since this number probably doesn't mean anything to anyone who reads this, you can see other scores from present day here. Things aren't all that different from back in my day).

8 and 9.  My body likes to weigh right around 170 lbs. when I am enormously pregnant...which is about 40 lbs up on my not-pregnant weight.

February 2009

10 and 11.  I really am going to be 49 in less than 3 months. I am probably the only person in history to be excited about turning 50. But maybe when I get closer I won't be so excited :P

And here are the 11 things Alexandra wanted to know about me:

1. What was your favorite subject in high school? Human Anatomy and Physiology.
2. What makes you laugh?

Things like this and this...

3. If you had to describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be? Dependable, smart, hard-working.
4. What is one thing you wish you had never done in your life? Stopped playing the clarinet.
5. What is one thing you’ve done that you’re 100% sure was the right choice? Had my kids.
6. What’s one place you’ve never been that you want to visit? Australia...I want to hold a koala bear.
7. Steam or sauna? Sauna.
8. Have you ever been on a blind date? If so, how did it go? O God. It was horrible.
9. Push-ups or planks? Planks.
10. What is your worst cooking disaster?

You might think it was this pan of steamed broccoli...

...as neither pan nor steamer could be salvaged, and the stench of burned and melted silicone 
clung to the house for about a week.

And then there was the time I started a kitchen fire while making toast...

11. If you had to give a one-sentence toast to your beloved, what would it be? "To believing in love at first sight..."

And now I need a break from this meme...I think we all need a break from this meme! 

What was the last meme you participated in? Can we see it (give link in comment!)?


  1. Yay for G! Fantastic time! I love when working hard does pay off! Well done for him.

  2. What a fast kiddo you have!!

    Cool facts. My last meme was the 11 things.

  3. Love this! And wow, is G fast!

  4. YAY to the G man, he is making huge strides. Proud momma, I am sure :). Watch out track scholarship!!!

    I should do a meme post. I should just post, period. ;) I'm a bit blog burned out right now...

    Think of you daily... have a fantastic weekend!

  5. Awesome job G! WooHoo! I gained 50 lbs. with each pregnancy. My husband was worried, but I lost it all and he breathed a big sigh of relief:)

  6. Holy CRAP, congrats G! That kid is SPEEDY.

    I think I gained less than 20lbs net with my pregnancies - but I would drop 10-15 first, then gain that plus 20. I was not a fan of being pregnant. bah.

  7. Loved going down memory lane! So happy for G! Stay away from the kitchen.

  8. I remembered when I turned 49 - someone told me "that's a tough age". I thought that was funny.

    But you aren't the only one to be excited to turn 50. I turned 50 last year and was so excited to get there!! (I *feel* like i'm 35 - sadly I don't look 35 tho...)

    It just seemed like it was LOOMING for so long - I was glad to get it over and done with! I started a new sport (running) at 50 and I'm looking forward to lots of years with running in my life.

    I hope your entrance to the 50s is wonderful. yes - I know it's still over a year away.

  9. Go G! That's awesome...what an improvement! I hope he keeps running with you! It really seems to brighten your day!

  10. Theoretically, I might have turned 50 already. I mean, a FRIEND of mind did. And it was just another day, really. Although it really is nice to say to people, "Yes, I really am 50. That's why exercise is so amazing; I know I only look 40." Oily junior high skin helps too.
    And I don't see any memes hiding around here, do you?

  11. If I see another pregnant stomach picture, I might just end up as momma to six. Love a pregnant belly.

    Congrats on the awesome mile!

  12. Well, if it makes you feel any better, I am an excellent cook with a myriad of kitchen accidents.

    I set my apartment kitchen on fire while heating oil to make fried chicken ($900 in damage & that was before I had renter's insurance... oops). The time I tried to bake a chocolate chip cookie in the microwave and it caught on fire, the time I tried to soften margarine in the microwave with the tinfoil wrapper still on and it caught fire, the time I exploded soup in the microwave, etc. etc. Most recently was an attempt to make chex party mix in the microwave and the butter burned.... Yeah.....

  13. I gained 40 with both my pregnancies too - but it came on in totally different ways with each kid - son was a slow steady gain, my daughter I hardly gained anything until the end and then... bam!

    Fast kiddo - that's awesome!

  14. Seriously, XL, "Pete and Repeat" has been stuck in my head ALL DAY and it's ALL YOUR FAULT. :)
    Congrats to G on his new mile pace!
    Happy Friday!

  15. wow that is a great time for G!!!!
    so happy for him!!!!

    I love those meme posts!!!!

    my last was the same as this one the 11 things

  16. Congrats G! Impressive!! I love the way you blog Marjorie. It is like a coming home feel when I get over here to read. :) Makes me happy. Love reading more about you. 15 pull-ups?!!! holy smokes. I don't care how many seconds I had to do them in ...wouldn't happen. :)

  17. Yay on the improved mile time for Big G! Wahoo!! Hope there was celebratory fun tonight!

  18. Yay on the improved mile time for Big G! Wahoo!! Hope there was celebratory fun tonight!

  19. Congrats to G for a super mile!

    Cool you met Fidel Castro and were in People magazine!

  20. Congrats to G!! That is a fabulous time! :)

  21. Hooray for G! I really enjoyed this post.


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