27 July 2011

Build Me a Corral

I think I need to get my contractor-husband to build a portable corral. Maybe it's because I am old...er. Or maybe it's because two kids like this, one right after the other, is exhausting anyway. Or maybe it's just ....


The other day, I posted about my busy morning. It was busy for ONE reason...

Miss C.

Noticing a theme?

Today the older kids had swimming lessons.

I hate taking Miss C with us to swimming lessons. She runs (no running in the pool area!). She attempts to scale the cyclone fencing between the observation area and the pool (no climbing on the fence!). She makes a mad dash for the parking lot (unsafe!). She enjoys frolicking in the pool owner's front garden (off limits!).

It wouldn't be soooo bad if I weren't also fending off glares from other adults and disapproving 'tsk-tsk's. It is a workout... and I am jumping up and down and running around and pulling her off of things and she is screaming, "no! no! NO! I wanna go in the pahkin lot!" A little sympathy, folks, instead of useless negativity.

Here is a tiny view of what we did during part of the 30-minute swim class...

p.o'ed ... just got 86-ed from the fence...

p.o'ed... the gate is nailed shut...

this way to the parking lot!

But mommy's too fast...

pushing the envelope...
supposed to be on the khaki carpet and NOT the pebbly pavement...
that brown line is The Limit.

rolling over...
inching away from that carpet and further into forbidden territory...

waiting for mommy to get distracted...
which will happen at any moment...
so that she can make her getaway to the parking lot!

And just in case you missed the Q & A video extravaganza, complete with costumes, and the announcement of the Nuun winners... it was yesterday and you'll need to click here to find it.


  1. Oh shame on those who frowned on you! Geez like they've never had a little one. I hate that! She's adorable!!

  2. She's so stinking cute. Don't they remember those days?
    Voting again huh? ok I'll go press the button. Only because I <3 you.

  3. At least she is absolutely adorable while she does it. I'm sure she and my little "L" would have a real great time together. :) In that last picture she looks a lot like Baby X. Your kids sure are beautiful.

    PS, I've been voting, I keep forgetting though, so keep reminding me. :)

  4. Wait...confused. "Pahkin" - how does she have a Boston accent?

  5. haha she's so cute, it's hard to be mad at that face!

  6. @Patrick...when she was 9 months old we were in Boston for 3 days. Must've been a very important window in that language development thing.

  7. Cute!

    Ok tried to vote...how come when I push the button it says error page not found...

  8. LOL! Don't you just want to lock the little rugrats in the storm cellar sometimes? I sure as heck do. But I don't because I've got a nosey neighbor that loves to call the cops. The last thing I need is the gosh-darn State sniffing around my property.

    If I can't handle my daughter (which is most of the time) I give her a big ole' bowl of Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch. That keeps her in line.

  9. I'm so far behind, I have no idea what's going on in your world and all the voting! But I am alive from my trek up Whitney .. so that's a good thing. Soon, we'll be gmail chatting again! And you can vent all about Miss C all you want. She reminds me of when Abbey ran across a busy parking lot once ... she was a tester for sure. The carpet was making me laugh.

    Hope you're doing well and your hipe and back are doing well. Miss ya!

  10. I do believe that she and Coben would get on very well.

  11. They are so all over the place at this age! I too feel like I am always running around chasing...and once they get something in their mind, like the parking lot, they just won't let it go! :)

  12. I have a 16 month old, and he is all over the place and in to everything. This age can be so hard because there is no impulse control, and they see older siblings walking around, eating things, climbing things, being all grown up. Good thing they are cute.

  13. Gotta love the persistence and energy of a 2 year old!

    Our daughter had a Boston accent when she was young also:)

  14. Before I had mine, I used to think parents were terrible for putting leashes on their children. And although I never did it, I totally understand now why someone would.

  15. p.s I gave you an award...


  16. This is hilarious, and she's a doll. Anytime somebody else's kid is being a handful, I try to smile in sympathy and solidarity...and maybe a little because at that moment maybe mine is actually behaving.

  17. Love this!! My youngest is insanely busy too!! Maybe they all were this busy, and I too am "old...er". Ha!

  18. I have one of those contractor husbands and I am always trying to get him to do stuff for me too :)

  19. Its time for blogging for votes again, ok, I voted for you

  20. wait wait wait wait.... Kids don't get easier the older they get? Awww crap. This is going to suck.

  21. I love the way kids always have to see just how far they can push you. those pictures are so funny!

  22. Since I am taking an un-enforced blog sabbatical, I'll share this story in the comment section since you opened this post with "old...er".

    The other day I showed up to play basketball with the usual crew (all abilities) - most of us are under 40 and most of those are under 30. Some smarty 18 year old suggested it was time to have a "young vs old" game. I had to take a moment to look around to find out who we would be playing (Didn't see anyone). Suffice it to say Mr. Smarty (age 18) didn't win many games that evening.

  23. Well I'm gonna tell you one thing, I've been in your shoes, mama! Yeah. I feel your pain, that's all I've got to say.

    However! I'm your newest follower from Mom's Online Garage Sale and would love a follow back - thanks1


  24. And that Anonymous person who just posted above is me -

    (See once the kids get a little older and don't lay on the pavement in the pahkin lot ... your memory is shot and you forget to sign your name etc. Life, that's all, just life.)

  25. So sweet =)

    I'm a new follower. Please follow back at; http://spigotblog.blogspot.com


    Sandie lee

  26. I'm having flashbacks of picking my oldest son up from soccer camp with my 2-year-old in tow. By the time I would finally wrangle the kids into the car I was sweaty, red, missing a flip flop, and in need of a strong drink. I love that you chronicled it in photos. Too funny! The mad dash for the parking lot is all too familiar to me. Haha. Following you.


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