26 July 2011

Costumed Video Q&A Finale (aka the many sides of XLMIC) ... + Who Wins the NUUN?!

Whew! This was tough... but fun :)

I hope you are all having as good a time reading and hearing all this crap good stuff as I had formulating the replies!

Do you think that title is a mouthful? Well, after all the freaking piss-me-offing incredible hard work it took to pull this unfortunately-anti-climactic post together, I can call it whatever the heck I like :)

Choosing to do the last bit in video format was supposed to make it easier on me. Ha! It was such a challenge to figure out how to make it not unbelievably long and tedious. I broke things up by questioner because otherwise it was a 10-minute video of me talking by myself... gah! You don't want to watch that :P

I am hoping that this way, if you really just want to see the answer to certain questions, you can just watch that particular clip and skip the rest without having to figure out the whole fast-forward thing. It's a challenge for me, so I know it must be for some of you, too :) Others of you are rolling your eyes at my sucky skills.

The opening few are written... read and ye shall learn...

The lead-off question was from Beth. She wanted to know where it happened for the first time?   A set-up very similar to this...

But there was a stereo underneath that I did vomit into at one point later on in the relationship. Yes, alcohol was probably involved :P

Then none other than The Manly Runner (initial bestower of this Q&A 'award') himself demanded to know if I felt guilty for giving him crap because he only wrote two questions even though he was actually doing me a favor? The answer to that is a resounding NO. Limit my oversharing, indeed. And then he went on to ask if I was still figuring out how to apologize. To that I say "HA!" ... not likely :)*

The two of them each also asked a similar question:  What is the one thing you are working on about yourself? What is one thing you would like to change about yourself?  I'm working on my ABS! and I'd like to change my nose :P

And now we come to the Main Event... video boringness awesomeness...

Here we go...

Lisa wanted to know...
  • How did you meet your husband?

Chris K, The Manly Runner, finally came through with these questions...
  • Do you nag?
  • What is your best quality as a wife?
  • Do you fundamentally avoid conflict or subconsciously create it?

I realize I didn't address the third question in the video...
what's your guess?

Jennifer asked...
  • In all aspects of your life, where do you struggle the most, 
  • where has balance come most easily and 
  • where have you thrown up your hands exasperation? 

Noemie hasn't had the courage to ask me these questions in real life... even though we've been friends for at least 4 years...
  • was your husband still married when you two met, or, to put it otherwise, were you "the other woman"? (see there how I withheld names for privacy?)
  • does disliking your husband's ex affect your relationship with his kids or are you able to just ignore her to appreciate them? Do you see traces of her in them that bug you?
  • Am I unreasonably obsessed with your husband's ex? I can't imagine having to deal with that kind of thing, don't know how you do it.
  • what's the story of the terrible car crash that cause your hip issues? Was anybody else involved? Did you have any other injuries? When was that anyhow?
  • Do you still want those skate rental tickets I just found lying around in my drawer, or am I too late?

Beth inquired...
  • I've heard that crewing/rowing is the most intense and physically demanding sport there is. How do you think it compares to other athletic stuff like running?
  • What is one thing you are most proud of? (about yourself; you can't say our kids, your backyard, etc).

Laurie asked...
  • How did you become so cool? Were you born that way, or is it something you've been working hard to perfect over the, uh, 30 some years you've been alive? :)
  • If you had say a butterfly tattoo on your lower back (you know, the "tramp stamp") that you got when you were young and stupid and didn't really care for it anymore and decided the time had finally come to change it, what would you get to cover it up?

Sandra needed to know...
  • how big are your biceps when you flex? 
  • I ask because as a runner, I'm guessing you focus more energy on cardio than weights?

So now you know more about me than my own mother.

Now for the Nuun winners...
  1. The Most Bizarre Question Award goes to S from footbeats who wanted to know about my favorite feminine hygiene products (clearly she didn't read about my souvenirs from France) and related embarrassing race moments.
  2. The Question That Made Me Think The Most Award goes to Beth from Shut Up and Run! for presenting me with the opportunity to reflect on what one thing in my life has made me the most proud.
  3. The Appeal To My Vanity Award goes to Laurie from The (Mis)Adventures of a Jogging Stroller Mom who isn't afraid to publicly say that she thinks I am cool :)

Awesome job, ladies! Email me at xlmic.tio(at)gmail.com with your two tubes of Nuun preferences and where to send them :)

And for the next four days, that little pink button will be sitting there on my sidebar... begging... crying... sighing... to be pushed. Please help me in the Top 25 SF Bay Area Mom Blogs contest. You can shoot me after you vote ;-)

Too lazy to visit the sidebar? Here's the easy way out... CLICK THIS!

*I am extending an apology to The Manly Runner. I get it. You were right. I was wrong. Eating crow now... 


  1. Ooooh I can't wait to watch and read this one tonight...like a good movie! :) Laughing at the picture of "similar to your first time"...bahahaha!

  2. that was some amazing time put into this game! How can anyone compare?? Bravo!! Bravo!!

  3. You are hilarious and this is awesome. Love the costume changes, and all your answers. Great job on this! PS you have a great voice on the videos. I cringe when I hear mine, but yours is really nice :)

  4. Fabulous grand finale! Your biceps rock. :)
    And since I missed the real ?s, I have one for you now-why was your family against you going back east to school? Was it the atmosphere change? the distance? the fact that you were the only child? Feel free to email me all the details! ;)

  5. For the record, I was joking. But, you know that by now. It's all good in the 580 hood.

    Good job on being an awesome wife.

    Julie is right, you totally win the Answers part of this little Blog bit. For someone who used to not show her face on camera you sure are embracing it now.

  6. You've raised the barre on absolute narcissism to a level that quite frankly could only be beat by Kovas videoing an entire barefoot run.

    And even then, his video would have to be absolutely perfect with an original soundtrack and CGI effects of him running over an active lava field. Actually, it may have to be a real lave field/no stunt double to have a chance of besting you.

  7. Oh I cannot see the clips with my itouch..
    I am so curious about some of these questions!
    I will be back
    This was fun right!

  8. I freaking love this! And you! I watched every single video and enjoyed it all! So fun! When you were talking about the good wife thing I was expecting you to say something about putting out often. :) And then the rowing part...my favorite line...not quoted was when you were saying how you could "get it up, keep it up..." Your heart rate of course. Rowing sounds bad ass though. And your video of you with that thing on your head looking all mysterious...so funny! Yes, I feel most exasperated when my kids are fighting. Grrr. And your college story is pretty impressive. I had something else...long comment short...you're awesome! And just for kicks...here are some more exclamation points !!!

  9. Your awesomeness just went through the roof....

  10. That was very cool! And you have a pleasant voice!

  11. I too am a step mom so I feel your pain :( I just love your videos and the best one is where you are wearing that headcovering...you are so cool :)

  12. I've got to hand it to you, hands down the best way to answer questions ever. I loved reading what you had to say about crewing and about what you are most proud of. Actually kind of made me tear up. Such a big step and leap of faith to head that far east and to make it successful. When I went to that sport's doc he told me that the crewers were the ones who would push the hardest and wre the only ones who actully passed out during the test. I would love to try it someday. If I could even do it! Oh and psyched I won. So psyched.

  13. That was the coolest thing ever and I'm not just saying it because I won and you think I'm cool too. :) I just might have to try that sharpie idea... do you think anyone would know? :P Sure can't wait to meet you...

  14. ok finally I can see these master pieces!! if there was an Oscar for best Q&A answers you get it.

    The biceps pose made me laugh!!!

    I think the white Oprah deserved a video answer for her 242 questions..that's just me...

    I kid I kid.
    ok off to go vote for your circle thing..!!!

  15. Is it wrong that I kept rewinding to the "fitness model, amazingly gorgeous friend" part?
    You really do have a great bod! I think your arms are to die-for! PS: I finally made it to the post office! Woohoo! If Canada Post doesn't piss on it, you should be the proud new owner of a Lulu Lemon headband! And if you send me your pant size and upper body size (ie. small, medium....certainly you can't be large!) I'd like to get you a little sumthin' for the Nuun challenge. When is that? Are they providing matching uniforms for you guys?

  16. Digging on those arms -- and the rest of the videos. Loved the "other woman" garb.

  17. Finally watched these at home. I love it! Your voice is way more normal than I thought it might be. (Hows that for a complement? Hehe)

    I'm with you on crewing - i've never done it, but it seems like it would be AMAZING

  18. What an awesome way to answer questions. Had I been aware you were doing this, I would've made sure to get in a question earlier. Sorry so late, it's what happens when you're a pert time blogger ;-(

    So, just in case you want to make me a video reply, here's a late Q. You seem to have some interest in porn, or at least some knowledge based on your questions to me. When was the last time you saw a porno? Was it with you hubby? Have you seen a John Holmes flick?

    And finally, I'll end with a running question. Have you ever ran a marathon? If so, how did you do? If not, why not?


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