24 July 2011

It's been a busy morning...

I've mentioned before that Miss C is non-stop. Today has been no exception... and it's still officially morning.


she peed on daddy's briefcase 
(I cleaned it up before taking the picture)
We are potty-training over here... sort of.
I think it's a great idea...she doesn't really agree with me.


While I was cleaning up the pee on the briefcase,
she got busy with her toys...
My husband insists a purge is in order...
this picture has now convinced me that he is RIGHT!


While I was cleaning up the toys,
she decided that sitting in her water table would be fun!
This thing is great!
And to think that I got it off the curb for

Things were cool,
then she decided to stand up in it and do a little tapdance...
so we went inside.


While I was fetching a towel and some clothes for her,
she was finding a red marker...
and using the red marker on her body.
(thankfully not on the white walls or the pink carpet)


we decided a bath was in order...
intending it also as an attempt to tame her 

I think matted, wild hair must run in our family :P

I wonder what this afternoon will bring?

On a training note... I was able to eke out 6 easy miles yesterday without feeling too imbalanced. A little soreness in the back and hip but nothing to worry about... I hope. I'm thinking another 2 mellow runs early in the week, and I'll be back in biz. Keep your fingers crossed for me! In the meantime, some biking and a little stretching and core work... P90X-style... will be attempted. I really don't want to stay out of commission for much longer :(

Are you good about taking care of yourself when you get injured?

Are you patient with your kids (or pets) when they make a royal mess?


  1. I'm not patient. I do a lot of passive agressive sighing and cussing.

    Guess that hair runs in the family!

    I would have LOVED that water thing she is sitting in for my kids. Genius.

  2. I would say I am patient to an extend...in your case the marker would have done it for me!!!

  3. Hahaha! Love this...makes me feel right at home.
    Now that I'm a bit older, I know I need to not run when I'm injured..or it just gets worse...I used to be stupid and gut it out and then I couldn't run for a ridiculous amount of time. Take time to heal!! :)

  4. I actually think dreads would suit her...

    Patience? Heard of it. None of that passive aggressive stuff though, I'll just tell you what I think...is that bad?

  5. Your post reads like the story "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" :) She is a busy kiddo...and pretty cute too!

  6. For her hair, do you use a spray detangler like Suave for Kids? I swear by that green bottle with the orange cap! They've got a new one that is meant for cowlicks and helping with funky slept in hair. I've used it on both little boys (Jayda isn't home for me to try it on the cowlick from hell that she has going on right in front) and it worked wonderfully! We have the same table...yay for free! Mine cost a bit more than free, but I ordered it brand new, no such luck finding something like that around here! I feel ya on the mess makers, I've got 3 of them! Izzy counts as one, he just doesn't get the whole clean up thing. I've done many many purges of the toys and before the next holiday season we'll do another.

  7. HAHA!! I so loved this!!!! I was more patient in the past, but my husband is so over much a type A and can't deal with messes, so it stresses me out.

  8. Ahhh...they are in to everything at this age! My daughter usually take the marker straight to her face!

  9. All of your Miss C posts crack me up. It's like she's a blonde tornado. I bet she thinks she's hilarious too. When you catch her with the marker, I imagine she just laughs. ;-)

  10. she and Charlotte would have so much fun together!
    And then the world would implode.


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