01 July 2011

Nuun Team Line-Ups!

Just over a week ago, Nuun announced the selections for their Hood to Coast Relay all-women, all-blogger team.

Then began the process of the athletes putting in their choices for running legs and team/van buddies. I am sure the Nuun coordinators had an even more difficult task sorting through all of that info and creating the line-ups... which are below!

I was lucky enough to get my buddies and my leg... anchor, baby! Yeee haaaaaaaw! Bringing it home :)

Here is the team I will run with and each member's corresponding turn in the running rotation...

  1. Tricia, who will show us Endurance Isn't Only Physical
  2. Average A of Diary of an Average Runner
  3. TMB who is Racing with Babes
  4. Kerrie from Mom vs. Marathon
  5. Margs, The Faster Bunny
  6. Lisa who is Discovering the Meaning of Stonehenge (a runner's journey)
  7. Jess who is THE Blonde Ponytail
  8. nuun player to be named later
  9. Susan, our Nurse on the Run
  10. Harmony of Keep On Keeping On
  11. nuun player to be named later
  12. XLMIC... me!
The other team...(and no less skilled or significant!)...
  1. Alanna of Running 42K
  2. Dorothy of Mile Posts
  3. I Run Like A Girl
  4. Jocelyn, the Enthusiastic Runner
  5. Emily of Sweat Once a Day
  6. LB from Health on the Run
  7. nuun player to be named later
  8. Carrie of This Mama Makes Stuff
  9. Tall Mom on the Run, Mel
  10. nuun player to be named later
  11. According to Kelly
  12. Meg O of Watch MeGo Run
Descriptions of each runners' legs can be found here.

Now we all get to focus on getting ready for our biz! Sooooo excited! 

Finishing this race will have special significance to me. My father was a resident of Seaside (where the race finishes) when he passed away. His widow still lives there. If you would like to read more about my dad, click here. When I first heard about the Hood to Coast Relay contest for Nuun's team, I really had no idea what it all meant to the rest of the running world... all I knew was that I had shared amazing times with my dad on Mount Hood and at the Oregon Coast... and points in between. I knew it was something I had to do.

Thanks, Nuun, for picking me :)


  1. I always tease Jess and call her "THE" Blonde Ponytail too. Funny

    So happy to be on your team.

  2. DANG GIRL! You guys have such a fun team going on here. Please talk to me as if I am there even if you just need to put an SUAR blow up doll in the van with a diaper on. you are going to have a blast!!!!!!!!

  3. You guys are going to be so fun to watch during this prep time and come race day, I have no doubt who will have THE MOST FUN team of all!!!

  4. I so wish I was on this team!! SEriously feeling like I wish I was there. Hopefully I'll see you guys at the finish line at least and get some pictures and enjoy a beer together. :)

  5. Great team!!!!!
    so you get 12-24-36 correct
    I am blonde forgive me

  6. cool that you get the anchor, that's rad.

  7. I cannot even tell you how excited I am for you!!! You are awesome. Wow, what an amazing opportunity :)

  8. So when do we hear about all the schwag? Did I miss that somewhere?

  9. Hey crazy lady.. if you drive out there you'd better tell me you're there!

    Good luck and looks like so much fun!!!!!!!!!

  10. So pumped to run with you M! This experience will be so special!!

    Laughing at SUAR's comment!

    Tricia does tell me I should change to "The" blonde ponytail...may have to put that to a vote!!!

  11. Looks to me like you got one of the best legs :)) Bring it on home to the coast, girl!

    It was not my year to run H2C...but I hope to when the kiddos are a bit bigger.
    Have a blast with all the other ladies!

  12. So stoked for you being bringing in the teacm for the last leg, in your dad's home town - how cool is THAT!!! Very happy for you, you are going to have so much fun.

    I am surprised Mel and Jess aren't on the same team. I bet that was a total nightmare sorting everyone's requests out, glad it wasn't me doing so :).

  13. Congratulations...... you are going to have a fantastic time!!!!!!!


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