15 July 2011

BlogHer 2011 Voices of the Year Honoree... thanks to the armpit vagina!

Remember the Pit Vag?

If you go here to see who has been chosen as the 2011 BlogHer Voices of the Year and you scroll waaaaayyyyyyyy down to the "niche" category then under the subheading "honorees," and if you scroll all the way to the bottom of that group you will find me... XLMIC!

I was truly stunned when I received an email from BlogHer informing me of this... honor. My post containing photos of my Einstein hair and my armpit vagina was among the 90 posts chosen out of 1,000 submissions to receive this recognition. I am not really sure what it means, but I am stoked. It just goes to show that the more you humiliate yourself in public, the more people will flock to you. And throwing the word "vagina" into a post does wonders as far as drawing attention to your blog. (note: using 'boob' and/or 'bitch' in your title brings then running, too)

Now on to my hip... not sure if you remember that I was rear-ended on Tuesday night. I didn't play that up because I was really annoyed at the dork who hit us and was trying to let it go. Just went for my Moonlit Ride and run and tried to call it a day. I now think (and my PT agrees) that this rear-ending had something to do with this recurrence of the hip pain :(  Just great. Today, my PT did her magic and said I can run tomorrow... but to take it easy. I can do that :)  She did this taping thing...

to stabilize the SI joint. I am contemplating wearing a backless dress to my 30th high school reunion tomorrow night to show it off. Just kidding....  I already have a dress. I bought it today for $25 at the used clothing store. It looks like someone pulled it out of the bottom of the laundry hamper... or off the floor of the closet. I am going to iron it... don't worry. Now I need to pick out shoes and find my cherry chapstick, and I am good to go ;-)  

Remember that guy from last week? The one with the killer sideburns? Well... he eventually grew them out...
my great great grandpa... again.. this time with a killer beard.

Now get on over and play a little Q & A (click on it)... where there really are no boundaries. Ask anything...

  • why do I run mostly at night? how is that safe?
  • what were my favorite running shoes ever?
  • do I use cloth diapers or disposables for my babies?
  • did I breastfeed my children? for how long? why?
  • how on earth did I, at the age of 45, have a baby? and more importantly, why?

You can even win yourself some Nuun!

Happy weekend :)


  1. Thank goodness that "x" wasn't further down. Might have given the hubbster some ideas...wink wink!

    Congrats on the Voice of the year Honoree!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!! You're so funny :)

  2. Wow, congrats on the Blogher honor! I'm in awe of the dedication you have to running. I need a kick in the butt to get moving.

  3. You're not planning any crazy Katy Perry stuff tonight with that cherry chapstick are you? Oh boy...this is going to be one fun reunion!

    I'm a chapstick girl, too. In...um...a regular chapstick way...not a Katy Perry chapstick way.

  4. I have somehow missed a couple new post notices from your blog. Thankfully I have deleted a horde of blogs from my reader list that I no longer read (because they never ever ever have visited me back after my dozens of visits to them. this blogging things is all about me, you know)
    Anyway- now I willl be able too find the new Notices from the blogs I really do read.

    Your Tape Tat looks like a Pirate Map. You could dress as a Pirate Wench with short crop blouse to show off your pirate map tattoo.

  5. Call 911, you were robbed. Honorable Mention? You should have won for Humor. How is funnier than you?! No one.

    30th? Yikes. That's me next year. Terra Linda H.S. Baby.

  6. COngrats on the honor!! Your humor kills me!!!


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