23 March 2011

All of this happened before 9:15 ...

Today has been a busy day.

First, Baby X set off on her first overnight field trip with her third-grade class... 3 days and 2 nights to stay in cabins, hike around, get really wet (it's supposed to rain all 3 days), do the campfire thang (in the rain... yeah, right), learn stuff, yada yada yada...

She is soooooo excited!
The most awesome thing about this girl is that she is almost always up for anything.  
She is excited about this trip... EVEN WITH THE RAIN.
Change and challenge?
Bring 'em on!
(I think she takes after her mom)

My husband is chaperoning the trip.
He is also excited.
Two nights of sleeping in a rustic bunkbed, 
surrounded by 8- and 9-year old boys screaming and stinking,
keeping those overprivileged kids motivated in the cold and rain...

Of course he's excited ;-)

They had to leave super early. There was a search-frenzy before they could leave... the little camera.  


It could not be found... it was nowhere.  It wasn't even in my car (which is where it should NOT have been anyway... but they did look which meant unlocking my car and going inside of it... this part becomes important in a minute).  So they left without the little camera but took the big, honkin' professional-photographer-that-he-is camera.

About an hour later it was time for the the boys and I to head off to school.  Miss C had just created a perfectly-timed 'present' for me... so I sent the boys out to go on in the car and get buckled in.  I'm in the middle of clean-up when Big G starts asking me where the keys are (do you see where this is headed? I didn't). I very annoyedly give him the verbal list of the places he should look and should already know to look.  He looks.  He can't find. I finish my job and start looking.  We are now late.

And it hits me.

I make the call.

Me: Hey, babe. Where did you put the keys to my car after you looked for the camera?
Him: Oh... %^@#!
Me:  Yeeeeahhhh, that's what I thought. Okay... well, we won't bother looking for them anymore! Good to know! Have fun!  *click*

They were in his coat pocket.

I find the spare where it is actually supposed to be!  (score!)
I find the extra house key... also where it is supposed to be!  (double score!)

We leave.

We get stuck in heavy traffic because we have left the house after the "tipping point"... it is now full-on rush hour.
Finally off the freeway, the unthinkable happens...

See that white truck?
That's where it happened... 
where I 
ran out of gas!
but there were a lot of cars behind me 
Two good samaritans noticed that I was standing outside of the car 
with the hazards on
in the middle of the intersection
and offered to help push me to the side.
it always amazes me how few people are willing to "get involved"
and how awesome it is that ANYone is willing.

Once we were parked in an actual parking place,
I hoofed on down to this
gas station

where I bought 
and filled

I then cavorted back to the car
cavorted because I was so 

a) that it wasn't pouring down rain,
b) that I had cash on hand to buy the goods,
c) that it was only a block and a half between car and gas station
(this mess could've happened on the frickin freeway, in all that rush hour traffic)
d)  that my oldest is old enough to stay in the car with the youngers so that my hoofing only took a couple of minutes instead of a solid hour ;-)

After I returned to the car and put the little sip o' gas in the tank (without any spillage, I might add ;) ),
I insisted on shooting a video to further document the morning drama... as if the pics and the post aren't enough :P

This annoyed Big G because we were already running SUPER late to school.
 Like that is different than any other day? but I figured we were already soooo late...

Would this be considered an excused tardy? And excusable one?

That's what I thought :P

To all of you punctual people out there... what would you have done differently so that punctuality would have been achieved?
– This is an area in which I need a lot of help!


  1. Wow! What a way to start off the morning..I think I would have been crying as I went to get gas. lol

  2. Some days are just really, really hard! You poor thing! You got them to shcool, I think you should get a parade!! I'm impressed! Hope you had a nice cup of coffee and a chance to refelect how lucky your family is to have you! Take care!

  3. So funny but not funny but kind of funny and a good story to tell late in life! ha! And gas is expensive...woooo weee. We are debating whether to drive or fly to San Fran in a couple weeks...I'm thinking drive but gas...wow.

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog this morning! You rock!

  4. What I thought was funniest what that you had your blog in mind the whole time and documenting all the events LOL. Glad you had the spare keys! I was talking with my mom today, and the rain sounds non ending! We were upset to get snow today. I hope we both see sunshine soon!

    Amanda McGreevy

  5. LOL…when the car just stopped in the middle of the intersection I just started to chuckle. The whole thing was such a comedy of errors, how could I not? My new supplements are working so well, I did not get angry, frustrated or stressed through the whole thing. It was totally a morning of 'line 'em up and knock 'em down.' Just another day in the life ;-) And yes, I instantly knew I needed to post about it. Big was quite irritated :P

  6. Oh God, this is but one day in my life-ha! Way too funny and definitely makes for a good story!!

    Third graders on a 3 day field trip! Wow. Our third graders get to go to the circus.....

    Geez! I thought $3.54 for gas was expensive this morning. I drive an extreme gas guzzling SUV in order to haul all this hockey crap around! SUCKS!

    BTW-just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your great comments. I don't always get around to commenting on a daily basis but I really do enjoy your blog and I'm glad to have "met" you!!

  7. Hindsight is always 20/20...your question is easy: pack the camera the night before!

  8. OMG .... I'm just Whaou...
    I think I just, yell on my husband ;) because of the keys... yell on myself because of not thinking of the gas the day before, and just cry on my way to the gas station.
    But Big G is really super calm, I'm sure I will have Miss A yelling and blaming on me all the time and just a bad face on the video :)

  9. The only thing I would have done differntly is not run out of gas. That hasn't ever happened to me, but NEVER SAY NEVER! :)

  10. Wow, one time I ran out of gas in the middle of a busy intersection...with my grandma in the car. Needless to say, there were a lot of "We're going to die, Shannon, we're going to die"s.

  11. Is that the same grandma that likes to give them 'the Finger'? LOL!

  12. Oh my goodness what a morning! You know what really gets me, is how expensive those little gas holder containers are. Seriously, total rip off. I think you handled it much better than I would have. I defintely would have used a few "choice" words to describe my day instead of "happy" lol.

  13. You must be a very strong person to not be throwing a screaming meme fit ;) Not that I would ever throw a fit ;) Ha!

    I am following you via tues blog hop. Please follow me back. I am you newest follower on GFC



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