04 March 2011

Vecchio Venerdì... L'Italiano

Grandpa Lindow (1912-1996) was the first in his family to be born in the United States.  Both of his parents came from a teeny-tiny village in Northern Italy... in the mountains... and his older brother was also born in the 'old country'.
circa 1941

Like so many immigrants, they came to America because it was The Promised Land... The Land of Opportunity.  They settled in northern Michigan...
the Upper Peninsula ...
the U.P....
they were Youpers.
And they were dirt poor.  I often wonder how much better off they were for coming all this way.

His real name wasn't Lindow.  I found out his real name while in the process of obtaining dual citizenship two years ago.  It was Olindo.  And I found out that the teeny-tiny village in Italy in which his parents and brother were born is still there.  It's still teeny-tiny.  And it's very pretty.

I hope to see it for myself someday soon.  Grandpa Lindow never did.

Have you ever done any genealogical digging around?  Did you find out anything interesting?
–I found out that my Italian great-grandfather came to America at least twice before finally settling here.  And that he arrived for the final time with $1.80 in his pocket (according to the ship manifest).

Have you ever seen your ancestral "homeland"?
–While I have been to Italy, Germany and England (where my ancestors are from) I have never been to the actual cities or towns in which they were born or lived.  I do hope to someday.  


  1. A lot of my friends are getting into the ancestral digging, but I haven't caught the bug ... yet.

    My family came from Ireland and Scandinavia.

  2. Most of my family settled at either Jamestown or Plymouth. I have often posed the question, that after nearly 400 years of my family living here, when do we get to claim to be "native"? I have been to England and I have been to Belgium, I would go back to either in a second.

  3. yes for me. My dad is Hungarian and I went to visit in 1992 it was fantastic. My Mom is from Quebec and like most Quebecer the ancerters are French. Her ancesters are from Normandy (D-Day) and I also went there.

  4. I have never been to Italy or Germany where my ancestors are from although I have had family who have and seen picutres. I have to say up until now I haven't given it too much thought but your post awakend some curiosty in me. Thanks for planting the seed. I always enjoy your posts.


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