24 March 2011

The P90X Workout for Moms

My husband follows the P90X program. I often watch and listen while he works out, and I have heard them refer to this particular episode... the one my husband does the least... as the "The 'Mother' of all P90X Workouts".  I have asked my husband why he rarely does this workout. His answer: it's mostly for legs and his legs are fine. shhhhh... but I think it's because they call it a workout for moms.

Well, since I was home alone with 3 kids and it was raining, going for a run yesterday or last night was out of the question
but after the comedy-of-errors morning I'd had, I was needing some sort of something to soothe my soul... or something...
So I decided an evening consisting of a casual 'Mom Workout' that focuses on legs was just the ticket to end my day right :)

I figured it'd help clear my head, get a couple of lonely endorphins kickin' around maybe help them find a few friends, be a semi-substitute for the run that was on the schedule...

What is this 'workout for moms'?
it is

Gonna do a lil'

But first I needed some o' this...

I have single-handedly eaten all of that which you see is missing.

After filling my pie-hole with ... well... with pie, I put the kids to bed and suited up.

Time for a lil'

There is a guy in the demonstration group who has a prosthetic leg... meaning he is doing the workout with one leg.  ONE.  I think he can be considered a nail.

It took about 45 minutes to do the workout, including the warm up and the cool down.  It was really hard.  I had the most trouble with the regular jumping jacks... but that is not fitness-related. Remember, I've had 4 kids... next time I just need a pad or something... but only for that exercise. I did my best and left the rest.  Then I needed some more pie.

The P90X Mother's Workout gets my vote.  But... is this cross-training?  I really didn't want to do any cross-training... might wreck my image.  I might start looking ... serious.

Do not forget to vote!  If you haven't heard the news, the competition is really heating up.
Fidel and I are up against a sex addict, a plastified old lady and the flippin' Berenstain Bears!  
Vote for US and you may win $20 worth of something :)


  1. My brother does P90X and loves it. I've never thought to pick apart different pieces that would work for me! I'm terrible at following new workouts, I always feel silly and I end up giving up halfway through.

  2. I love plyo training. I do it 3 times per week for an hour. Heavy stuff.

    Good on ya!

  3. Love this post! seriously...not just a blanket : "great post" comment. ha ha. I so want to get this. Right now I'm contemplating doing some Jillian and jumping (plyos) when the kids are having quiet time but I'm thinking maybe a good book sounds better after my repeats last night. xo

  4. I really want to get this p90x workout program for the summer! I think when I'm doing stuff like this with less running, my body is way more bikini ready! ha, like I really care about that these days. :) Nobody wants to see these little titties in a bikini anyway.

  5. when my Huz does the plyo part of P90 I fear that the house is going to fall down. The dog gets scared because all we can hear is him leaping around like a maniac upstairs. Grunting.
    I bust out some P90 ab ripper on occasion but that's it for me!
    And.... It is definately x-training!

  6. I'll take pie-o-metrics. rose freaking rocks.

    i want p90.
    real. bad.

  7. I want that pie right now. Girl, you are amazing. I tried P90 but lasted a day. Hard stuff. You are a rockstar!

  8. I have heard a lot about this P90X biznass and don't think I could couit. I could cut that pie, though. Is there any left?

  9. I ate the whole dang pie. By myself. But not all in one sitting ;-)
    It took me 4 days.


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