28 March 2011

Don't underestimate The Force!

I neeeed your votes!
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First we were up against the Berenstain Bears... and in a dorkiness contest, those guys are pretty hard to beat.

Then it was Charo.  The girl is looking "tired" and plastic... and the contestant is looking pretty dorky ;-)

I thought the competition couldn't get any stiffer after they threw David Duchovny at us.  Not too much dorkier than having your pic taken with a sex addict celebrity.

But now it's....

Darth Vader!

Guys! Help! Fidel and I need your votes to win you the prize!

Remember... I am doing this for all of YOU! click on that to see the deets...

So go click on that pic in the sidebar... it'll take you right to the voting station.  And go click on that Facebook badge a little lower down on my sidebar, then "like" that Taking It On Facebook page for a chance to share in the contest winnings.

Ever had your picture taken with a celebrity?  If yes... go enter the contest!


  1. who is darth vader?

    Ok I'm joking but - get this - never seen any of them [movies].

  2. I didn't realize we could vote once per day. I'm your girl, I'll do it... sorry for the days missed.

    And, I have to say, Emz's comment, just sad.

  3. I think I voted for you. I went through all the motions to vote and I think I did vote. But I'm not sure if it went through. It's the thought that counts, right?!

  4. Voted and threw you up on my FB wall. Good luck!


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