31 March 2011

I've been dually honored...

that's me :P

KD of Life – Inspired by the Wee Man has tagged me with a Versatile Blogger award :)
Do I think I'm versatile?

You got that right ;-)

Who else writes deeply emotionally-charged stories of forgiveness one day and then four days later is showing you a spurtle?

I like subtitle movies AND Barney.

My versatility speaks in so many different ways... 
that's why I'm versatile :D

There is lots and lots of information already available on me, XLMIC... 
click here to see the collection.

But KD is clamoring for more!  Woo hoo! So here goes... As a recipient of this great honor, I share 7 random things about myself... sounds suspiciously like the Stylish Blogger Award, hmmmmmm.... so since Adam over at I Am Boring stuck honored me with THAT one, 

let's kill two birds with one stone... 
Shall we?

watch out... this is going to be picture-heavy :)

Number One:  I always wanted to travel but never had the chance... unless you count Cuba (see pic in sidebar... and vote!).  But when I met my man and found out he was a wannabe traveler, too, we just could not be stopped.  Not even by .... kids!  We dragged our oldest everywhere... even in utero.      
Hawaii, 4 months pregnant
Looking super-glam in front of the cathedral at Chartres in France,
6 months pregnant
On the way to L.A... not sure if this was before or after I shot the guy across the aisle with a 
high-powered stream of breastmilk! Big G was 5 weeks old.
 New Zealand, south island... getting ready to get in that little plane to go see Milford Sound...
NZ, north island... Cape Reinga at the norther tip of the country. I am what seems to be the third person to the left of the lighthouse... the one holding the baby, trying to protect him from the CRAZY wind!
Big G was 9 weeks old...
yes, it was insane but AWESOME!
In the crown of Lady Liberty on a trip to NYC.
It was freezing, he was teething and I got my first postpartum period... surprise! Fun times :)
Baby boy was 4 months old.
We slept on the most uncomfortable sleeper sofa in the whole entire universe (not that there are many comfy ones, but...) and I actually ended up sleeping on the floor... with my baby.
Yeah, Paris, France.
He was 6 months old.
What I remember the most of this trip was tons of spit up and the first time my hip collapsed :(
It was still fun anyway.
Chicago to visit one of my very best friends and her three kids.
Big G is in the yellow shirt. The boy in the white is only 3 MONTHS older than Big G, who was 8 months old. He still a very big boy and Big G is still very small.

No, not done yet ;-)

Moorea... a heart-shaped island off the coast of Tahiti.
Super fun except for some sourness on the part of our traveling companions. And it was truly a tropical paradise!
Big G was almost 10 months old.
 Switzerland... the Schilthorn...
the patio of the revolving restaurant from that James Bond movie
 Hiking down from there... like the psycho-overachiever that I am... holding on to cables with a baby in a pack is not something I necessarily recommend...
On the same trip, we went to Italy... this is in Bellagio.
Little kids LOVE gravel! They can be entertained for hours if there is any gravel.
He was 11 and a half months old when we got home from this trip.

Number Two:  I had a boyfriend with a motorcycle. Despite the fact that I look happy, I really hated it... it freaked the crap outta me.

Number Three:  I used to dye my hair blonde.  Now I dye it regular.  So it's not grey.

Number Four:  I have only been camping once. Well, when I was a kid I think we went camping three times... two cross-country driving trips and one trip to a state park... but I remember very little of how to camp.  My husband took me camping for my 33rd birthday... one night in a tiny tent...
So. Fun.

Number Five:  I have dual citizenship... and so do my kids. My husband is jealous and is working on getting it, too.

Number Six: I suffer from chilblains. It hurts and it looks gross.

Number Seven:  I have tons and tons of embarrassing photos of my kids :D

These are just two.


I am really stuck for who to award these to next... so I'll give it to all of you!  Please leave a comment for us and share your randomness!  Pretty please!  


  1. Wow, I got jet lag just looking at the pictures! I am very impressed that you did all that travelling with a baby!! Congrats on all your awards! I always enjoy my visits! Take care.

  2. Ahhh I want to travel like you. SO LUCKY.

    And those pictures of your kids made me laugh for a good 3 minutes straight LOL

  3. Oh my! Those pictures make me want to travel travel travel. To Switzerland! Wow, it almost looks fake! Love the picture of you in the tent when you went camping.
    * We had a pet Nanny Goat when we were kids and lived in the mountains in Colorado
    * I was homeschooled from 7th to 11th grade.
    * I was a Jehovah's Witness from birth to age 12...totally sucked. Didn't get to celebrate anything! No birthdays, holidays...nothing. boo

    I have tons of random stuff in my life!! tons!

  4. I am so jealous of your travels! LOVE the pictures! One day my travels will include beauty other than that found in an ice arena......Switzerland-ahhhhhhh!!!

    I love this post! I'm all about random facts:) The motorcycle pic-ha!! My hair is totally gray. I have to keep it dark brown now so I can touch it up every few days. How depressing...

    I need to google Chilblains. Doesn't sound overly enjoyable....

    Not only do I enjoy your random facts, I'm enjoying Amanda's above! Hope you have an awesome weekend:)

  5. What amazing pictures! This was a great post- congrats on your awards (you are very deserving, obviously!)

  6. Love that you shot someone with breastmilk across the aisle. Hilarious.

  7. Hi, just popping in from Tara's Blog Hop. Congrats on your award!

  8. These were so fun to look at!!! Amazing pictures--you need a map on your blog with "places traveled" tagged!! Amazing!!

    You did not shoot b-milk did you?!!!!!

  9. I can't believe all the overseas travel you did with G in his first year! Truly impressive. As is your your upcoming big trip btw (whose destination I won't reveal); taking FOUR kids on an international jaunt, with major time change, is no small feat! Congratulations on your awards, well deserved. Knowing you outside this blog I can say with confidence that you are indeed both stylish and versatile :) As for random facts to share, I once sailed across the Atlantic Ocean. Trip of a lifetime...

  10. Whew! I'm jealous of the traveling...jealous, but inspired! & where is your dual citizenship?

  11. That's awesome!! Everything except for your hip. =( You've been to soo many neat places, I'm jealous! I love to travel too and I've brought my daughter everywhere with me. =) It's challenging but it's so fun. I couldn't imagine leaving her behind anyway, I'd miss her too much.

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