24 March 2011

A Sex Addict, a Plasticated Lady, and the Berenstain Bears

They are upping the ante daily!

I really hope you guys are voting for me EVERY DAY!  You're allowed to. It is not cheating in this particular contest! Did you know that?

Go!  >  >  >  >  >

Fidel is way too classy to lose to David Duchovny.  Way too natural to lose to Charo.  And way to ... ummm... normal? ... to lose to the freakin' Berenstain Bears!

And remember...

I am not doing this for me... I am doing it for you :)

I am splitting the winnings between five people who "like" my Facebook page.  The winners will be selected at random. It'll be fun. It'll be real. It'll be real fun.  yes, I am a dork.  That is why I should win this contest!






Or enter a picture of your own!  
– I have a friend who played professional basketball and has a pic of himself with Dr. J in the days of his  huge 'fro... I am trying to talk him into entering his picture. I love the competition!


  1. How could I pass up the opportunity to vote for a close friend of Fidel Castro? It only verifies my notion that I am, at heart, a commie pinko bastard! I voted. And I am following. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. If the 'fro shows up, I may stop voting for you.

  3. How could I *not* vote for that picture!?!

  4. I suppose so. I mean it's not like your are a sex addict or anything.

    are you?

  5. ha! no... and I am not going to make some funny joke and minimize the tragedy that is ANY addiction :P


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