25 March 2011

Vecchio Venerdì... She would be about 160...

"Goma" Haüssler 
was born in the 1850's in Germany. 

She was my grandfather's grandmother, 
my father's great-grandmother, 
my great-great-grandmother.

She immigrated to the US around 1880 or so.  

She was in a challenging marriage to a difficult man... described in genealogical literature as an "itinerant butcher" who "liked to drink."  Awesome... big knives, big booze.  Not a winning combo.  

Interestingly, his death proves this.  

He was injured in a knife fight over a game of cards. Alcohol was involved. Apparently, he was playing at a friend's house...not sure if they called them 'playdates' back then. The cards came out. The liquor was flowing. Order is not important.  Someone may or may not have cheated but someone thought he did. And.... out came the knife.

Ol' Karl got stabbed.

Evidently, this signaled "game over" to him, and he decided to walk home.

In central Pennsylvania... in the winter.

In the snow.

I'm thinking wifey was no stranger to such shenanigans and did not have a whole lot of sympathy.  I don't think a doctor was called, but that part is unclear.  What we do know is that a couple of days later, he bled to death from the injuries sustained... in the kitchen, on the floor.

Agnes looks pretty content in this picture.  I am going to venture a guess that it was taken after Karl's demise.

Any colorful characters in your family tree?
–there are lots in mine. This is all for this week, though ;-)


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  1. That is a colorful charcter, there are a few of those in my families closet but I don't know if anyone bled to death, by knife wound, on the kitchen floor! I do know my dad was well into his forties before he knew his all his "aunts" were only his mothers half-sisters and that his mother was from his grandmothers second marriage. But, I think you still win in colorful charcters!!! Great post, I always like to vist you! Take care.

  2. Nope, I have a normal family. :)

  3. That is such a cool story (since it seems like the stuff of fiction!). I've often wondered if there are any villians in my family tree....

  4. This made me laugh, which I'm not sure was appropriate. I voted.

  5. Wow, neat story. I'm afraid to look in my family tree. What if I find a Nazi or a communist -- or worse still... a Frenchman.

  6. What a crazy story! So fun finding out things like that in the ol' family tree!

    Thanks for stopping by by site, here to return the follow. Glad you survived 3 days w/o hubby. I have a whole week coming up & I'm a little scared...

  7. Say, I just read your info. I see the pic with you and Castro. I wouldn't have cracked wise about commies had I known!

    What did you do to get in a photo with Castro? What's the medal for?

  8. Colorful characters? Maybe a black sheep or two, but everyone has those, right?

    Speaking of great, great grandmothers way back before I made an effort to get people to read my blog I wrote a post on mine...Hazel

  9. This is wild and I'd say she looks rather sly! I'll bet she knew it would happen some day!

    Lets see, my mother was adopted and that story is pretty interesting but I will tell you that the great opera singer Enrico Caruso is somewhere down in our family tree. Maybe thats why I'm such a great singer, lol!

    Found you through the Blog Hop over at Graphic Design by Tara.

    Now following! Love for you to stop by and visit!



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