13 May 2011

Race Plan for the Zazzle B2B 12K


They print stuff.

So apparently the connections to the Bay to Breakers have to do with creativity. Okay....

"Zazzle is now the title sponsor of the world's most creative footrace.  Learn how Zazzle is changing the game."

How many people really pay attention to who is sponsoring or underwriting a race they are running in or thinking of running in?

"OOooooo! Zazzle! This one is being sponsored by Zazzle? I definitely want to run it!"

I don't think about this.

Ever. Unless it's a charitable organization.

Moving on...

I ran 4 miles on Tuesday night. It was pretty awesome. A complete 180 from that freaky 7-mile run on Saturday... you remember ... the one where I almost puked and had Einstein hair and the armpit vagina? Yeah. That one.

Tuesday night was beautiful. Not too windy (unlike Saturday), kind of cool (so no unsightly tank top), and I had waited long enough after eating (so no impending vomit sensations). The plan was to gently pitter-patter along for 40 minutes doing 10-minute miles. That was my intent.

But I found The Zone.

Feeling pretty effortless, I found myself rattling off 9:20's for the entire run. See... pretty awesome. This decided my race plan for Sunday.

Instead of shooting for my delusional one hour, meaning an 8:02 average per mile over the 7.46 miles... including the big, gigantic hill in the first half and the 50,000 official entrants and the 300,000 unofficial runners and the 50,000 people just standing and shouting and getting drunk and stumbling out onto the course... I am opting for taking the first 3 as they come. This will mean shuffling along with the crowd at a snail's pace, I am sure. This will be my warm up.

The 3-mile mark is essentially the top of the mondo Hayes Street Hill (here's the map). Even with all the significant impediments to fast-ish running, I want to hit that point in less than 35 minutes. I want to go sub-9-minute miles for the next 2.5 miles and then open it up for the last 2. "Opening it up" might translate into "stay alive" on race day! But I'd like for it to mean 8-minute miles. So that's the plan. That would put me at around a 73-minute finish time.

I plan to take lots and lots of pictures. Maybe even vlog while on the course... cuz I am a total vlogging superstar now :P Hopefully, I'll see those Bare to Breakers runners ;-) Actually, maybe I don't want to see that.

Ouch. I hurt just thinking about it.

If you were running in the world's most creative footrace, would YOU wear a costume? Would you run naked?
– I am really debating the costume angle. Since I am not really racing this one, a costume might be fun! Any suggestions? And don't say 'naked'... cuz that ain't happenin'.


  1. I wore a costume in the final leg of a ragnar race. I had to rip the sleeves off because of the heat but it was pretty cool!

  2. I do so admire you runners. The mental toughness. I can exercise forever. But I cannot run for distance. I feel too sorry for myself.

    Costume? Let me get back to you on that.

  3. Costume? no
    naked....Major no. although I could illuminate the whole state of California if I ran naked at night...that is how white I am...they call me the Quebec NEON back home.lovely right?

  4. I might wear a costume if I could come up with something really good. Naked, nope, unless it was night and there was no one around and someone dared me... then maybe. ;)

  5. Hmm, if *I* were running in the World's most creative footrace ever, I think, since I wasn't planning on winning, to dress up a Charlie Sheen. If you had another person to run with you, Pepe le Pew, and a female kitten being chased through the whole course would be funny as well. PLUS given your recent family trip--even slightly apropos.

    Have a great weekend and have FUN on Sunday.

  6. I ran/jogged/walked the B2B many, many years ago. I wore a grass skirt, coconut bra and carried a (plastic) club - as did a group of my girl friends. So, I guess that's a yes from me.


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