27 May 2011

Vecchio Venerdì... better things to do...

Clearly, Big G has more important things to do than meet his brand-new baby brother...

who ended up following right in his big bro's footsteps... or finger-digs... as seen previously.

Unfortunately, kids learn by example. I keep telling that to my husband... who keeps forgetting that he isn't always in the car.

Voting is still possible! Don't worry... you haven't missed your chance to be a part of history! Let your voice be heard! Limber up those fingers and grease those mousewheels... clickclickclick... get a little warm-up going on ... and then head on up to that lovely pink button at the upper right :) She's just waiting to be pushed.

And how long must that bird sit up there before someone teaches me how the heck to use it? Anyone?


  1. Omgoodness! Nose picking pictures? I am both "Awww-ing" and laughing hysterically!! Great shot!!!

  2. I've never been twitterpated with the little blue bird, so I got nothin' for you. Sorry.

  3. HAHA! I tell my husband all the time.. uh they really can hear you! I think he thinks he can still talk in code.

  4. I LOVE this picture!!!So funny..."who keeps forgetting that he isn't always in the car"...laughing out loud! :)

  5. I voted for you... 10 times today! But then I ran out of computers. I even remoted into my work computer for one more vote, it being a week-end and all.

  6. I don't know anything about these kids but last night around midnight I took the last of the peyote I had stashed, pointed my FJ Cruiser south and proceeded to head down PCH on the wrong side of the road, using The Force to avoid collisions and Jedi Mind Tricks to stave off the police.

    When I got to El Moro I ran to the top of the ridge barefoot, found a pack of wolves, told them about my friend Kovas and then fell asleep.

    I awoke as the sun was peeking above the mountains in a running skirt I had won on runningmom4eva.com by using my super-secret blogging mom identity. Then I went to IHOP for breakfast. For some reason the woman at the table next to me was muttering "the 5k is tomorrow, the 5k is tomorrow" over and over again.


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