02 May 2011

My family went to Paris and all I got was…

... sick.

Not really. 

Only two of us got to get sick :P

As far as purchases went, the kids did get to choose some pretty stellar (and cheapo) souvenirs on their trip to France...

Big G picked a few books (in French) about ancient weaponry, mythology and wizardry...

And a nifty "gold" pocket watch with an Eiffel Tower embossed on the cover, a very detailed metal model of Notre Dame, and an awesome little gargoyle.

Baby X had her eye on sparkly things and Astérix.  
A book bag, keychains and a little sparkly Eiffel Tower.

Q-Man decided on a "silver" pocket watch with a "gold" Eiffel Tower glued molded onto it of his very, very own (similar to Big G's) and two books (again, in French) about medieval castles and life in the Middle Ages...one of which came with a mighty coolio castle to build!

And his pièce de resistance...

A fabulous $4 snow globe.

Daddy was diggin' on the cheapo chocolate that was on sale at the supermarket.
(it isn't even the 'good' stuff... but man, did he get it for a good price ;-) )

What did I get?

Well, what I wanted was this...

You know how I feel about our toilets here at home. These French toilets rival Target's public restroom toilets and the blaster toilets on airplanes. And they have a half-flush, water-saving feature ;-)  Even the French version of the low-flow toilet is better than the American one. These guys have it going on!

Check this out...

I saw no plungers in any of the bathrooms I visited on the trip. None. They are unnecessary. Such a difference from our house where one is required in every bathroom and used at least once every day.


due to the very low initial water level, a toilet brush (right hand side of picture and video) is indispensable. I think you know why.

So that's what I really wanted, but...

because of luggage restrictions and our budget constraints, I had to settle for these...

The World's Most Awesome Tampons!

And you have to go to France to get them ;-)


  1. Sorry to hear that there was sickness on your trip.

    I would have wanted to bring home chocolate too.

  2. Too funny! I can now say that if I go to France I will be picking up some of those tampons just to see what all your rave is about.

  3. Too bad you pick up an illness! I used in live in Europe and now I hate American tampons...I never knew there could be such a difference and I hate wasting those little plastic applicators (TMI?)
    That's a lot of Milka--I'm jealous!

  4. OMG you are a riot~! Love that you wanted the toilets!!!!

  5. Hilarious! Sorry you got sick, but wasn't it worth it to get new tampons? LOL :)

    henry  happened

  6. I cant believe I am gonna google french toilets in 2 seconds

  7. The worlds most awesome tampons? sign me up!

  8. Oh man, sorry you got sick and all you got was tampons! I personally would have chose the chocolate : )

  9. rofl that you filmed the toilet flushing! Lincoln walked in and said "what the? Is that a toilet video?" haha!
    Had no idea tampons were any different over there. I feel so uncultured now.

  10. Sorry you were sick :( New Zealand has half flush toilets as well.

  11. I had somehow missed this one, but am intrigued... in what way are those tampons better than the o.b. you can get in any grocery store here? I thought they were pretty much the same thing.

  12. Must be something in the water! When I went to Paris I got sick too. Weird! I want their toilets, too. Love it!


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