23 May 2011

Busting out the XT...

Now that I have decided I want to run a half-marathon in the fall...maybe even two...

I have also decided that I could probably benefit from some cross-training... other than chasing my crazy kids around town and going to Target.

To that end, today I thought I might try and get a little action with Tony. I know he totally has the hots for me... he's always big into the eye contact... and he says really stupid things that make me laugh because he's nervous around me... that means he likes me ;-)

After assessing my situation and coming to the conclusion that flexibility is my weakest link right now, Tony and I did some P90X stretching. Yes, the X-Stretch. Like the plyo, I think this one is for moms, even though Tony does not make reference to this possibility. My favorite part was the lying down part. Moms don't get to lie down enough.

The stretching was great, too. The program stretches the whole body, and I like how I can do my best and leave the rest. Right now, my best in the stretching department is pathetic... but I plan on working it... and bringing it as best I can :)  One day, I may even be able to lick myself like a cat... or like SUAR.

After we stretched, I did the Ab-Ripper X. HAHAHAHHAHAHA! Have I mentioned before that my core could use some work? I think I have. Holy moley! Does it ever! So I crunched and bicycled and scissored and twisted and pulsed like nobody's business... took LOTS of breaks... and loved the stretching at the end. Ab workouts should always include stretching at the end so that you lengthen out those crunch-shrunk muscles.

And I didn't get too sweaty, so I didn't need to take a shower when I was done... a good thing since Miss C is no longer containable, remember? I may not be showering for a long time... unless I can time it for when she is sleeping... which is nearly never.

My big training plan for the moment is to alternate cross-training and running... I'm innovative that way ;-) I only want to run 3 days a week... that is probably all my body can stand. And that's probably all my little tyrants will allow.

So people... give me some ideas for cross-training that are

  1. free, 
  2. do not involve a swimming suit, 
  3. will not ever give me road rash and 
  4. might allow for the possibility of conversation with others and/or listening to music. 
I have the P90X thing to play around with, but I don't really want to dive into the whole program... I just want to pick and choose. Looking at the Yoga X for Wednesday... more flexibility :)


remember the mantra for the next week... VOOOOOOOTE.... If you say it right, it's almost as centering as OOoooohhhhmmmmmm. HERE's that quick-clickin' link... or just nail that pink circle at the upper right :)


there is a little bird up there now, too. I am not so sure what to do with it... so if you have any great ideas, let me know!


  1. Some many people are trying to get me to do the Long Beach Half Mary. Its a week before my bday.

    I do P90X, though I dont do yoga or kenpo x, I prefer to get in the swim suit and risk the chance getting road rash. Its my thing. I do the strength part of it.

  2. Lots of good cross-training possibilities at your local jungle gym! Gives the kids something to do as well.

  3. Vote check! XT is something I am looking forward to post marathon...I feel more in shape when i train for a half...probably b/c I have time for XT!

    I don't know how you do it all. Fitness mommies amaze me!!!

    30 sec body weight stations, keep going to keep your HR up. Or, hide and sprint with kiddos! :)

  4. Oh man, that p90x.... I have run thru each workout a few times with the huz for shits and gigs and have mixed feelings. Sure it is good x training but I guess I'm just a little "meh" about it! However- I still get a huge kick out of doing Billy Blanks kick boxing tae bo mayhem. Which is both lame and dates so I would NOt take my advice!

  5. I think Kovas secretly wants to be a mom. I'm with BDD on this one...risk the road rash.

  6. How about car-pushing (or, pulling - a la Biggest Loser fame)? It could come in handy for further episodes of this.

  7. stopped by to push the button...
    yoga all the way!

  8. I have to admit to pulling out the Billy Blanks when I want a little cross training at home. I usually go to the gym at a ridiculously early hour...everyone else in my house is still sleeping and I get to catch up with my crazy working-mom friends who can also only work out at a ridiculously early hour :)

  9. Have you ever heard of the "Insanity" videos? I suggest those!

  10. Cleaning house. That's my suggestion, and I think it even fits the bill...oh wait, you're probably already doing a lot of that.

  11. #1 I do not bathe. I went running 5 hours ago and am still wearing those same stench-filled articles of clothing. Disgusting! Gross! True.

    #2 Here are my savvy x-training tips: Put the milk away 3 times for triceps. Take it out 3 times for biceps. Do squats while brushing teeth. Do those standing ab exercises every time you enter the kitchen (this can be tricky if you're in the kitchen to get milk because you'll be pumping the abs and pumping the arm at the same time. But do you know what we call that? Yep...BLOGGY GOLD!)

    Lemme know how it goes... ;)

  12. No advice on the cross training, sorry! but you did make me laugh! Thanks :)

  13. The kids and husband and I spent a whole month last year trying to do something different each day for workouts - from frisbee to tire tossing to belly dancing to batdminton. Use your imagination - you'll come up with LOTS of ideas!

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