13 May 2011

Super Lame-o Expo

The lameness of the Expo for the 100th running of the San Francisco Bay to Breakers ... o, excuuuuse me... the ZAZZLE San Francisco Bay to Breakers... skipped right over "disappointing" and tripped on "pathetic" before falling face-first into "embarrassment."  Or is that just how expos are nowadays?

My friends who went with me felt the same. One of them kept saying, "I can't believe there is no free stuff!" and shaking her head in disbelief. Personally, I was sorely disappointed at the lack of interesting vendors and dearth of exciting products to be had at promotional prices. In its defense, there will be a couple of celebrities later on today and for a little bit tomorrow afternoon, but I'm not able to go gawk at the specified times.

The only thing more disappointing than the Expo is the race shirt. For it being the "world's most creative footrace" and sponsored by a printing company who touts themselves as equally creative, it is sooooooo boring. See the picture below.

little free bag at bottom of shirt... oooooo... ahhhhhhh

It was, surprisingly, the drive to the Expo that was very fun and exciting! Anytime you go to the downtown of a major metropolis at the lunch hour, you are destined to have a good time.

One of my friends and I drove over the bridge from where we live into San Francisco to pick up our other friend at her office in the heart of downtown, then we got totally lost trying to get to the Expo. Making wrong turns and almost going back over the bridge, following dead end streets and needing to make illegal u-turns, and, in fact, making an illegal turn right in front of the Department of Justice (police station). I didn't know it was an illegal turn, and I really didn't know it was the DOJ... I thought maybe there was some major crime bust going on to explain all of the police cars lining the street. Or that maybe they were after me ;-) But we did make it in one piece and even scored a most excellent parking spot... right across the street... legal and everything :)

I am so glad I have a super awesome race plan, and I have a feeling that the race will be a blast... even if the Expo was a joke.

It is supposed to rain. But I know how to cope with that,... nothing a good Hefty bag can't handle!


  1. Sorry the expo wasn't awesome--but I'm sure the race will be--good luck!!

  2. Zazzle. Oh boy. I'm in the licensed apparel business. I've been to Zazzle. Should stop here.

  3. SHeeee-ooot. I guess that's one 12k marathon (j/k) i can scratch off the list! Seriously sending you the BEST of Wishes!

  4. Lame-o-rama. I expected more! But the crazy naked people at the race will make it all worth it! Cant wait for the recap!

  5. Hope you have a great race!!! Cant wait to hear all about it!!

  6. Such a bummer! But you'll make up for their pathetic expo by dazzling them all with your running!!

  7. They could have at least put a naked silhouette on the shirt. Can't wait to hear how the race goes. Have a blast!!

  8. That is a crappy shirt and aren't Expos supposed to be all about free stuff!!! Hopefully the post race food will make up for the Expo. I seriously research races and see which ones will give me lefse and pizza when I cross the finish line!! Anyhoo, hope you have an absolute blast tomorrow and that your foolproof super awesome race plan serves you well!!!! Good Luck!!

  9. was it today? or is it tomorrow?
    I could google it I guess!!!
    hope it went or goes well!

    that shirt is crappy for sure! booo hooo

  10. I usually dont like expos

    Ohhhhhh thatttttt raceeeeee I heard you see nake people on the course, which is so disturbing that people can run naked.


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