26 May 2011

Reclaiming the bike...

The other day I asked for some cross-training ideas. One thing I specified was "no possibility of ever getting road rash." To me, that says "do not suggest cycling."

Of course some wise guys who don't know how to read (namely Patrick and Big Daddy Diesel... whose blog name is one of my favorites, right up there with Lightning Bug's Butt) all up and suggested cycling. "The enjoyment outweighs the risk," they said. When have I heard that before? They might as well have thrown in "Trust me."

Never one to back down from a challenge, I decided to take it on... get it?

My good friend Catey, who has done it before, told me that the wetter it is, the less likely it is to hurt  when you fall. No road rash if it's raining... and it rained all day the day I was planning to go for my ride. However, a wet ride was not in the cards for me. By the time I got out there, it was about 9:30 p.m. and dry dry dry. And dark.

But I like the dark.

So I put on my cycling shorts... yes, I actually do have some cycling shorts. They are from 1989 and I am not kidding about that. I did used to ride this bike a lot. The waist elastic in these ancient shorts is just about shot... they look like some sort of maternity cycling shorts, though not too many pregnant women get on a bike in cycling shorts.

See? real cycling shorts with the whole wad thing in the crotch that is supposed to keep it from hurting but doesn't really. I guess maybe it doesn't hurt as much as it would without.

I tied on my shoes ... ventilated mesh upper for breathability... lots of tread on the bottom so I don't slip off the pedals...

I grabbed the nearest helmet I could find... so glad for once that I have a tiny head so's I could fit it in my son's helmet...

Yes, that is a spider on it... you know you want one :)

I told my husband I was scared. He asked what I was scared of. Falling, I said. I haven't done this in forEVER. Well, he said. It's just like riding a bike. He is so funny.

I opened the garage and extricated my bike from the tangled bike-mess and tried to get on.
 yes, it has pink handlebars and a big hole on the seat. So? 

Remember that my hip was all kinds of messed up for a really long time and it just isn't as flexible as it used to be. So I did get on...only to realize that the back tire was low. So I got back off...here's where I almost fell. But didn't. :)  I did a lame job pumping up the tire with a little pump that looks like a pipe... I am sure there is some name for that kind of pump, but I don't know what it is. And I got back on the bike and rode off into the darkness.

It was awesome! No one was out in the streets and my low tire sounded like a swarm of angry hornets were chasing me... it was so cool! I even got hit in the head by a bat! At least I think it was a bat... I'll bet it was attracted to me because of the insect-swarm-like sound that low tire was making. I rode around the neighborhood 5 times which is 3 miles. Very short. But I had broken a sweat at that point and didn't want to get sweaty enough to need a shower.

While I was out there, I had time to think. I realized that I actually do like riding my bike. For fun. And that just maybe I'll make a triathlon for myself in my neighborhood... we have a dinky little pool that is just the right size for me to do dinky laps. Some dinky little swimming laps, a few trips around the neighborhood on the bike and a couple figure eighty-eights running... a tinman... or foilman... triathlon.

My point here is this... you don't need fancy gear. You don't need fancy clothes. You just need to get out there and MOVE YOUR BODY. Try something new... or something you haven't done in a while. It might be just the ticket to reinvigorate you. Of course, sometimes it doesn't work out all that great... for example, my barefoot skirt running experience. But hey! I tried it!

What are YOU going to try next?

If you are at a loss regarding what to try next, you can always VOTE!!!!  PINK link here... or pink button there... both're lookin' for a pushin'...  ;-)


  1. I DO want a hat with a spider! I need a new helmet. mine is all cracked.

    and the wetter the road, the more likely to skid and wreck! (one would think)

    I do love riding my bike, though. and need to do more of that.

  2. Yeah, I voted for it. It went from 640 to 641. And you're welcome! I'd say you owe me another night skirt run video.

  3. Oh my stinkin' heck-when I said no chance for road road rash I meant because you weren't going riding because it was raining! bahahaha! I am DYING!! And SO very glad you didn't skid and wreck and get road rash. :) Apparently my pity sarcasm is lacking in type.

    Although now that I'm thinking about it I would rather skid on wet gravel than on dry gravel. Maybe the water would provide a little lubrication and less complete tearing of the skin? Heck, if you just don't crash I guess you don't have to worry about it. :D

    But hey, to make up for my misinterpreted advice, I voted for you again. That makes every day since this thing started!
    Also, your gear rocks.

  4. *pithy* sarcasm. my typos rock too.

  5. Or you could invest in a spin bike! Not too expensive and will make you feel like vomitting! It's awesome.
    PS: Like how you gave the boys a little shout-out there :P And I thought I was the easy blogger in the family!

  6. Very cool. I want a bike. I've been telling Jay for a few weeks!

  7. Of course we know how to read, we just ignored what you wrote, because we all know that biking freaking rocks, and as you found out, we were right

  8. Good for you! I do love spending a little time on my bike...I can find the zen on my bike much easier than I can find it while running :)

  9. I so want a helmet with a red spider!

  10. You had me until the first sentence of the last paragraph. That is where I get cycling all wrong.

  11. I've been voting for you 3 times/day for the past 30 years and I'm not considered one of your "favorites"?

    Very Sad face!!

    And I'm here to tell you that I promise if you ride 66.7 miles and do not have fancy padded cycling shorts, you girl parts will fall off.

  12. *your*

    (and, btw, you are the ONLY blog I commented on ALL day. *still sad face*)

  13. Hah! I have you beat! I bought a mountain bike about 13 years ago, the tires still have the little nubbie things on the sides from when the tires were manufactured. So you can tell I like to ride bikes.

  14. Ha ha, I love your last sentence about what you're going to try next and how great it leads to the vote topic. Marjorie, I truly think your blog is awesome. I love your writing voice and your real voice too...I swear, every time I read your posts, they make me smile. How can anyone NOT love you! :) And Yay on inspiring me to get out on my bike! Jill's comment made me laugh...I agree, my vagina might fall off if I don't have the right cushion. :)

  15. I don't get it I throw your tagline at you in an email once, and then you go and make a point of it to use it in the next 100 posts in a row. Am I that persuasive?

    First off, about the XT - do what you want to do. XT sucks and theres no point in doing something you don't want to do.

    Second off, I'm all about doing something new. I hate putting myself on video, but actually kinda enjoy it now.

    Third, being cheap is more fun than just going out and buying shit. The memories are worth it so much more.

    Fourth, Check out the time this posted. Plus, I have to do a ZERO period tomorrow. Where's my good sense?

  16. I suppose that is actually this morning...

  17. I think I may buy a heavier wine glass, see how much wine I can put in it and do arm lifts like that. LOL.

  18. HI!!!!
    feel like I haven't been over here for-evah! Prob bc I've been a bit off the blog radar for a while.

    anyhoots, biking = perfect xtraining for running. All the elements of bike technique also apply for proper run technique too;-)

    Happy Friday;-)

  19. Your husband cracks me up!..so does your helmet - I LOVE it!
    Great story!


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