05 May 2011

Synchronized Carpet Swimming...

it's going to be all the rage. As soon as this video goes viral...

As a means of boosting entries in this giveaway at one of my most favorite blogs, we were offered the option of submitting a photo of ourselves showing off our favorite swimming moves.

Never one to turn down an opportunity to thoroughly publicly humiliate my children... and myself creative challenge, I put on my thinking cap. I realized now that I am all glam thanks to my DIY nose job on Sunday, I needed to show the more glam side of swimming.... which is, of course, synchronized swimming. Fancy suits, sparkly things in one's hair, make-up... glam.

I suited up and forced asked the kids to do the same. We grabbed our goggles and headed for... dangit, a little too late for the pool as it was already after bedtime... the living room.

Carpet swimming, pioneered by the same SUAR putting on the giveaway that I want to win, is not as easy as it looks. For example

  • if you have sensitive skin, the carpet might be too itchy (that is why there is a blanket under Big G... aka Mr. Sensitivity). 
  • Unless your goggles are on super tight, the friction of the carpet might rip them off your head, pulling out hair (my Spiderman goggles did this in practice, so I tightened those suckers down). 
  • You might find that the furniture makes some of your moves awkward... it works best to move everything out of the way... I forgot this. 
But all in all, the experience will leave you quite invigorated, if not from the activity itself, then from the intense laughing fit it produces.

My other idea was the Going-Nowhere-Fast Triathlon... carpet swim, stationary bike, treadmill run.


The glam option is way more fun.

Maybe I'll get some real synchronized swimmer-like sparkly hair doo-dads for MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW....
Maybe I should say that one a little louder...and while we're on the subject... I am hoping to wake up tomorrow and see three digits of 'likers' on my Facebook page in honor of my birthday. Still need 14 more. Have you clicked yet?


  1. I just love this.

    But don't even get me started on rug burns. Just one of the many risks if you choose to carpet swim.

  2. SO cute! Very creative. I bet the kids thought it was crazy and fun :D

  3. You are my HERO!!!
    Also, you have inspired me....I think I shall now just do my laps at home instead of dealing with the pool. It will save me millions in gas money.

  4. I absolutely love it! :)


  5. what a great and SYNCHRONIZED routine! That was awesome!

  6. Bahahaha!! HILARIOUS! I've always hated the pool...

    Happy happy birthday tomorrow!!! Hope you spoil yourself! Mother's day to follow! I think you better just plan on being waited on the whole weekend!!

  7. First, you are awesome for carpet swimming. Second, I died laughing when I read that you bought 59 cents of gas. AMAZING!!!! I think the least I've ever gotten was 1 gallon. :)

  8. Girl! You rocked that one-piece! This was hilarious! It's cute how you like your kids...not that I don't like mine, but this would have required I spend a lot of time with them.
    You're fab! You deserve to win! Plus your bikini line was clean shaven which puts you way ahead of the game as a mother....I'm just sayin', I keep forgetting mine.

  9. This totally made me laugh!!! I love teh carpet strokes there..

  10. Love it!! And so much fun...especially the kicking at the end :)

  11. I absolutely cannot stop laughing...omg, that was the bestest besty best!!!!!

    Happy Birthday, girlfriend!!!! I hope you have one fantastic day!!!!


  12. That is both adorable and hilarious at the same time! Love it!

  13. Synchronized Carpet Swimming should become an Olympic sport!

  14. 1. Happy birthday!
    2. You have way to much time on your hands.
    3. The lack of music makes the video that much more poignant.

  15. You realize you are hilarious, right? Too, too funny. Happy Birthday!


  16. Happy Birthday, may it be eXtra Large!!!

    Also, you make me laugh with nearly EVERY post.

  17. Oh man, I just love you! Synchronized carpet swimming is just GENIUS, Genius I tell you. I did see one comment regarding rug burns and can't help but wonder....

    Happy Almost Birthday tomorrow, I'm already a FB liker but I hope you get your numbers!! xoxoxox Birthday Girl!!!!

  18. I AM CRACKING UP!!!!!!! Hahahaha!!! I so, so, so love that you did this with your kids. This is just too much fun. I loved it!

  19. I love it! You are so creative! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  20. OH.MY.GOSH!!! LOL that just made my whole day!


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