25 May 2011

Barefoot running... in a skirt

Monday was my P90X stretching workout, so last night was a running night. Remember... I am alternating cross-training days and running days. Does anyone else do this?

Three casual miles around the neighborhood after I got the kids to bed, listening to some music from my husband's iTunes. Who runs to The Grateful Dead? O. My husband doesn't run.

Sheesh. The Dead, Janis Joplin, freakin' Hotel California (who did that one?), The Doors... okay, they work for me. And then the Hendrix started. Jimi Hendrix. And I was transported back to my hippie childhood. Somehow, Hendrix combined with The Doors and a little zoned-out-ness from The Dead liberated me from the confining constructs of my current thought processes... I felt a need to really just let my hair down and embrace the more natural and the more feminine running trends...

I contemplated also going bra-less... but following that discussion last week, I thought "with" was the smarter way to go ;-)
Unfortunately, my technoskills are lacking and I couldn't figure out how to splice these two cuts together... so you get two for the price of one. And I apologize for the poor quality and really bad lighting... but that's what you get when you must run at night... in the dark... you can't see crap... literally.

So what did I think of running barefoot and in a skirt?

  1. Barefoot... not for me. I did not feel free or liberated or comfortable. I felt like I had to run weird... all stiff and protective... scared that I would step in crap or glass. Glass would just bleed and hurt; crap would be worse. Have you ever stepped in crap in your bare feet? And the Hendrix on my iPod was just to hippie-twirlin' good ... barefoot, outside in the street at night... all I want to do is dance.
  2. The skirt... kinda breezy (see my ABC's) but that was kinda nice :)  I am worried that it would get all wadded up around my legs... I would probably trip and fall if I were running with a tailwind. Though it would look pretty sexy in a headwind... let-down hair all blowing behind me and billowy skirt swirling back there, too... Don't think I could do a short skirt (again referencing ABC's).
There you have it... my experience with the latest trends. Guess I am just pretty old-fashioned. Or maybe just old.

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  1. HILARIOUS. I loooove running in a skirt. I cannot fathom running without shoes. Seems risky.

  2. AWESOME! Oh my gosh. You have to do a whole series: barefoot shopping in a wet suit, shoe-foot swimming in a snowsuit, flipperfoot cooking in a bikini....you can see where I'm going with this ;)

  3. I'm pretty sure Hotel California was the Eagles. I love your running/twirling form. :) You crack me up!

  4. you are so great!! Love love love this. I've scoffed at both of these things too... running skirts and the idea of stepping on a rock or a nail. Ha ha. And braless...you crack me up! Love that you're blog is growing because you are great! xo and deserve to have many votes my friend.

  5. Awesome videos! I just got a "multi-use" skirt - haven't tried it running yet - maybe tomorrow along with going barefoot (we'll be at the beach, so not as risky).

    I listen to Grateful Dead while running :)

  6. barefoot running is often in "Toe Shoes". My son loves his 5 finger Vibram toe shoes.

    I have a little exercise skirt. It's like those swimsuit skirts- with a little running short underneath. I do not tun.I bike.

    I agree. WITH bra is best- keeps the girls from getting all droopy and sore.... (even for those with barely-there-boobs)


  7. Ha! Love it! :) I'm tellin' ya...SKIRTS all the way!! I did my tri last Sat in a skirt. It was fabulous. And yes, it was actually a running skirt, not a tri skirt so the swim was in the skirt too! Good thing it was a pool swim, I don't think the skirt would have worked so well with a wetsuit.....
    Fabulous twirling!

  8. You make me laugh Marjorie! Braless too in the future?! Ouch! :)

    I have YET to try a skirt...I hear they feel amazing though...a little AC up there on a run doesn't hurt! :)

  9. I have run in VFF's, which counts at barefooted, and I have run in a kilt, not at the same time alas. I am waiting for the Utilikits company to re-issue the Spartan Kilt, and then I will post a VLOG entry of me running barefooted in a "skirt".

  10. Watched the hair-toss video about 12 times. Can't stop.

  11. What do you think of that P90x, anyway?

  12. I actually hear Donovan or the Monkees when I think about barefoot running, but that's just me...

    Huh...no Kovas today. Weird.

  13. Ok, I got the hint (how many times must one text to get a hint???) and I voted. Happy?

    I so want a name "Lightening Bug's Butt" - no fair!!

    Ok girlie...I'm sending you the one and only running skirt I owe since I don't like it (it was a freebie and a must-wear when I was a rep for the Denver Shirt Chaser 5k last summer. Hated it).

  14. LBB sure knows how to get a girl's attention :)

    Dude, if you vote for me in that stupid contest and I place in the top 10, I will give you a private hair-flip emailed right to your very own self ;-)

    Natty... I need to see some kilt-running!

  15. I have done barefoot at the track, but I wouldn't dare at home. I am too clumsy.
    I love my skirt though...mainly because it so many pockets to stash my Snickers in!

    Nice to meet you.

  16. The must-do these days is running in the all-together, very breezy and liberating!

    I decided to let Patrick ahead of me - that's we mommy-wanna-be's roll, politely.


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