20 June 2011

Granny's Gadgets #24

Who's sick of these videos yet?

Have you been wondering for the past 6 months "Just where did XL get that awesome dishtowel she uses for the table mat in every single gadget video? I want one!" Well, it's from Switzerland... so i don't think you can have one :P We got it to replace our icky dishtowels... but it was so pretty that we never used it!

And yes, that is Granny's plate again... her plate from her wedding in 1950.

I know .... this week's entry may look like a stretch... and I may treat it like it's a stretch... but hey, twenty-four gadgets is a lot of gadgets! We are halfway through the year! And coming into that halfway mark is often one of the slowest parts of a race, right? So a little slack... okay?

Can you believe how much of that cheesecake I've eaten?

Holy cow...


  1. hippiechickinhelvetiaJune 21, 2011 at 1:19 AM

    Or maybe you could use it as a trowel when laying bricks!

    Thanks for this morning's giggles.

  2. It is so unfair you can eat 2/3 of a cheesecake without a pound gained and I just gained 6 looking at that thing by drooling.

    Thought of you when my kiddos were watching something on tv the other day called Countdown to the 100 most popular gadgets. You so much get tv again!!! :)

  3. I like the fact that you are old school enough to refer to using a wooden spoon.

    You make me laugh. I am SOOO pulling for you to get on the NUUN team, so that I might actually stand a chance at meeting you. Since the likely hood of me traveling to your fair area is slim. I did my time in CA, I have the pardon to prove it.


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