24 June 2011

Vecchio Venerdì... the Olympian

If you want to know why she looks soooooo excited and happy, it's because she just won for the third time at the 1989 Royal Canadian Henley Regatta. It's super hard to win even just once at this regatta... even if you're really good. And you only medal if you win.

I'm happy... but I only won this one race so I'm just smiling.

Our coach was super annoyed that we didn't take off our awesome tube-sock-tops when we got up to the awards dock... but at least we did take off our groovy headbands.

My excited partner was, and still is, an amazing athlete. I remember when she got her VO2 test results back and they said "the lung capacity of a 7-foot tall man"... something like that anyway. She had the talent and she worked her butt off. Not only did she come to both team practice and row extra in her single on her own, but she would also run from morning practice to work and then back again in the evening. I was lame and biked.

She made the 1996 Olympic team and placed second in her event. She still rows, now in the masters category, and she still kicks everyone's butt. 


  1. I love your tube sock tops! That is an awesome picture!

  2. I realize that the picture is from 1989 but why does it look like it was shot on the Atlantic City boardwalk in like 1899?

  3. great blog you have here

    im your new follower from a hop, I hope you drop by


  4. She sounds like a motivating friend to have. ;) Congrats on your medal. I like your vecchio venerdi post! Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Cool! Found you from a hop!

  6. Love this, M! That's a pretty amazing accomplishment once or 3 times! :)

  7. Having a great time in Boulder. Blogging, sitting next to Beth, listening to keynote from Gaiam. Love the tube socks!

  8. I'm so relieved Patrick didn't catch the "I'm happy... but I only one this one race so I'm just smiling." typo. Phew!!

    I am loving that smile, girl...you gotta do that every single day for this half training!

  9. God I'm hot for you body. Like I would so do you!

  10. I agree with Patrick, pretty funny. You get more and more interesting the more I learn about you. The post on your husband and is 10 kids is still a trip to me.

  11. Sandra's comment is not to be taken lightly! She is one HAWT canuck!

    Seriously though, nice socks, or at least the half you kept.


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