29 June 2011

Try It Tuesday! and so much more...

Today was a weird day. It was pouring down rain... which almost never happens here in the summer. My kids spent the day at their outside sports camp. I was very curious as to how that would go. Turns out they were bored out of their minds cuz the camp was not really set up to handle this! Ooops.

After dropping them off, I went to acupuncture... which is always GREAT. And then I went home and ate lunch.

yum... lunch...

Does that look gross to you? It's my and Miss C's favorite!

Brown rice, steamed spinach, goat cheese and fried egg. Oh, and the paper that separated the cheese slices :P Another oooops.

All day long I was mulling over my running workout... because of the rain. Sometimes I am sort of a wimp... temporarily. "Maybe I should do something inside? Yeah, my legs are still pretty sore and tired from all those hills on Sunday... and that plyo on Friday... I might get sick running in the rain... I might... melt..." is kind of how that internal conversation went.

By the time the kids were fed, the husband was home, and the toddler was in bed, it was 8:30 and only drizzling. "Okay... I like running in the dark... in the rain... right? Right!" So I suited up and took off. I wore my cheetah shirt. I found it today in the garage...it made me feel sort of fast :)

Interestingly, I ran my 'easy' run faster than my Sweat Your Thorns Off 5K on Sunday. Of course that run was a total of 8 miles (5K of which were supposed to be fast) in the hot, blazing sun ... up huge and never-ending hills... with no water (cuz I am stupid). I was seriously hating life on that run... I was so out of my element... being a nightrunner and all ;-)

Tonight I ran very slightly under 5 miles in 45:01. And it felt easy. Here's my breakdown... remember, they are 0.75-mile laps:

7:11.40   (9:36/mile pace)
6:45.87   (9:00/mile pace)
6.55.24   (9:12/mile pace)
6:47.32   (9:04/mile pace)
6:45.59   (9:00/mile pace)
6:45.97   (9:02/mile pace)
3:49.99   (8:30/mile pace)  I'm calling that one 0.45 miles

Foam-rolled, stretched, ate dinner and watched the very first episode of The Waltons. Ha! Anyone want to de-follow me over that? :P

Then I was inspired and decided that I wanted to try something new... it being Try It Tuesday and all...

Sorry, no hair-flip this week... but there's definitely some other good stuff to look at ;-) Like my fab tiara!
Side notes...

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  1. I'l ladmit it, I'm disappointed you didn't have princess shoes on. You almost got one though!

  2. You are so funny! Your running times are fantastic!!!

  3. What's up with our weather anyway. It wasn't just rain, it was a downpour!! Gah.

  4. woman in the princess dress
    you are hilarious and also FAST!
    under 9 min pace....
    please...! I cannot do that for 2 miles!!!!

    where are the princess pumps???

  5. LOL That is great! The thing about working out in a ball gown is it's all about distracting and we forgot the point was doing pull ups. Eeh gads I know I couldn't do one either. :)

  6. I love fried eggs with rice! i usually throw in some peas--delicious!

  7. Oh that is funny! I was thinking pull-ups like diapers. Haha! Love the sparkly dress!

  8. I'm with Patrick on the spinach, although, I pretty much eat it anyway it is served...I am what I am.

    Nice, I can't do pullups either. Pretty or ugly.

  9. ha ha. This totally cracks me up! I have to come back her to read this but this video is too funny. And you look beautiful..no joke...you look lovely my dear!

  10. Your running sounds like it is going great Marjorie! No heat makes a big difference eh? :)

  11. Honestly, I was hoping the dress would slink down and I'd see your boobies. :(
    LOVE the tiara and yes, say 'sparkly' and hello, Sandra magically appears!


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