07 June 2011

Try It Tuesday! ... involving wetness and a little profanity

If you recall, last Tuesday was the second Tuesday in a row that I tried something new... and I declared I was creating "Try It Tuesday" until such time as I am sick of trying new things for my and your amusement.

I'm not sick of it yet, so we're back with more hair-flippin' fun... still barefoot ... and still wearing that ridiculous skirt.

But this week I got a new swimsuit for the occasion... and I am wearing it for the activity...

'cuz it's time for....

swimming... barefoot... in a skirt.

I can't believe no one saw that coming a mile away :P Well, I think Catey did... and maybe Jill, too.

Before you click on the video, I must warn you....
  1. I think I utter a small amount of profanity in there. It happens right before I go in the pool... so plug your ears if that sort of thing offends you :)  
  2. I really and truly cannot remember the last time I actually swam... I think it was in 2004 in the Swiss Alps. I am not making that up. 
  3. I am essentially as blind as a bat! I couldn't even see the water surface when I was standing there getting ready to dive in. It is really scary to dive into a glassy surface, not knowing how warm or cold it is and not knowing how far away it is. Hence the profanity. 

That third point will also help explain why I stop in the middle of the pool and act lost. And why I am reaching for an edge that is ... out of reach :P I could not tell where the heck I was... and I utter a little more 'language'... ooooops.

So my review of the barefooted, skirted swimming? Thought you'd never ask...

Barefoot: definitely makes things easier... unless the other option is flippers. But shoes and/or socks would be a real hindrance. In future swims, I would opt for 'barefoot'.
Skirt:  not hydrodynamic so it would definitely slow you down. Not all that easy to kick in and very difficult to climb out of the pool in. However, if you have a fat or unsightly butt, a skirt is where it's at. Also, if you have been slacking a little in the personal grooming department, the skirt totally keeps the world from knowing... the longer the skirt, the lazier you can be :) But if going for speed and ease of movement, the skirt gets the 'thumbs down' from me.

This next clip was filmed unbeknownst to me. I thought a simple photograph was taken of the cool, swirling skirt in the water. I had no idea that there would be audio, nor did I have a clue that the camera was recording me as I took off the skirt and got into the hot tub...

As usual, apologies are in order for the poor video quality and the dismal lighting... but we are amateurs shooting with a cellphone. And when it's put that way, it all looks pretty good, right?


  1. Who is your accomplice...er...I mean assistant in this fine documentary?

  2. Ha that is awesome.

    Also, I like the reasons to wear a skirt in the pool. I hate when I put a suit on and look down and go..Ah shit. And then try to get into the pool really quick like so no one will notice.

  3. Deep voice says "take it off". HA! What kinda blog you heading towards here?:D

  4. I LOVE the idea of "Try it Tuesday". How fantastic.

    Have you never swam barefoot?

  5. I LOVE the idea of "Try it Tuesday". How fantastic.

    Have you never swam barefoot?

  6. You just need to edit in the "Boom-Chicka-Bow-wow" music in the second video... You are TOO funny.

    And kudos to your hubs for sneaking more video of you when you weren't paying attention to the fact that he was panning the phone as you were walking.

  7. Haaa haaa, another awesome Tuesday post! Can I say how much I love that you were also breaking HOA rules (gasp) you rebel!!!

  8. That spa looks hella refreshing. I was cold just watching you. And wow, is your spa water clear!

    Loved the subtle hair toss as you charged for the pool!

  9. I don't swim in skirts ... but I will run in one on July 2 - for the Guiness World Record Kilt Run in Perth Ontario

  10. Why has my browser lost the ability to stream video and also find and reinstall the plug-ins needed? Weird. I'll have to check it when I get back to real California.

  11. I'm a little burned out on barefoot skirt wearing swim posts, but this was one of the better ones.

    BTW, you have pretty hair.

  12. swimming in a skirt!? that might be a first. wait, nevermind, lots of bathing suits have that little cover-up tutu thing going on.

    I have never in my life swam for exercise. but if it means I get to hot-tub after, I totally need to get into it!

  13. Swimming in a skirt I can understand, but swimming BAREFOOT??? You are out of control, woman!

  14. That last vid sort of turned me on; you all sultry, tossing your hair...yeah, notice how LBB pointed that out. Doesn't he realize that's totally for me?...sheesh...he's so vain, he probably thinks that hair toss is about him...

  15. When the cameraman said "You should take it off," I was pretty sure we were about to see XL go XXX. I was nervous. I wanted to look away out of respect. But instead, I turned up the volume and adjusted my monitor. ;-)

  16. Your body position seemed fine even with the skirt, so...


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