01 June 2011

Musique pour Mercredi... show me how you do that trick..

The one that makes me scream," she said.

This song is going on my "kick it" play list... the one for when I need to kick it into high gear. It came on my iPod last night during my unremarkable run following my barefoot bicycle ride... still my husband's music, need to figure out how to make my own list and get it on the thing (yes, it is probably super easy... but...)... and I just had so smile and GO! I hit 'repeat' a couple of times.

So what's the French Connection?

I knew you'd ask.

“Just Like Heaven” is a song by the British alternative rock band The Cure. The group largely wrote the song during recording sessions in Southern France in 1987. The lyrics were written by the band’s frontman Robert Smith, who drew inspiration from a past trip to the sea shore with his future wife. Before Smith had completed the lyrics an instrumental version of the song was used as the theme for the French television show Les Enfants du Rock.
– excerpted from Last.fm

And can you believe that madness is OVER!!! Whew!
Taking It On ended up fifth! Yay! Thank you to all of you for voting for my blog... I'd be doing it even in a vacuum, but it is infinitely nicer knowing that there are people who like to read it :)

You make it all the more worth it!

Thanks :)


  1. Awwwww, I love The Cure! I graduated from high school in 89' so I grew up with The Cure! This brings back great memories!


  2. Thanks for the large floor pillow idea! :)


  3. One of my very favorite songs!

    Your stock is rising, XLMIC.

  4. Yay for getting 5th :) Good for you!

  5. 3 of the 4 posts so far are from people named "Megan"....Interesting.

    I have a sister named Megan. Like the first Megan above, she too graduated from high school in 1989. And she too was a big Cure fan.

    For me, the Cure where like The Smiths. Totally loved them, but I couldn't tell anyone lest I'd be ridiculed and possibly even be beaten down.

    We rolled tough in the old punk rock days (though I personally avoided the fighting)...now of course no less than 20 people from "the day" have admitted to me that they also loved the Cure and The Smiths but had the same fears I did. It was all one big misunderstanding in the end.

  6. Hahaha...I love that you listen to your husband's iPod and can't get the songs on your own, we are definitely related! My daughter constantly rolls her eyes when I ask her something like this. I finally know how to "buy" a song from iTunes but don't ask me to upload my Garmin data!!

    The song rocks, I wonder if any of my kids already own it... maybe better I just buy it! :)

  7. Oh and congrats, underdog!!! Very proud of you!


  9. Is it wrong to say I'm a sore loser about this? ;-)

  10. Thanks for this. Love The Cure too but somehow forgot to add them to my Ipod on my last Ipod Cleanse.


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