13 June 2011

Stinky before I started...

Summer vacation for my kids has begun. This means time for training is at a premium. I got lucky over the weekend and had some back-up on Sunday afternoon. The plan was to get my 6-mile run in during daylight hours... woo hooooo! It was the first long run in this training cycle for my half-marathon in October.

But first we had to take care of some important biz...

I am not ready to divulge the specific nature of this biz, but I'll give a hint... my camera crew was around, costumes were involved and there's a contest to be entered with a closely-looming deadline ;-)

Once we wrapped up our shoot, it was time for me to hit the road. I threw on my nice purple short-sleeved shirt that is made of some sort of fancy wicking fabric... and was nearly overpowered by the smell. One would think that I had met up with the wrong end of that ginormous skunk I often see when running or riding at night. I wanted to get that thing off my body... but time was of the essence... no time to change! And since it was pushing up on bedtimes for the kids, my languid, long run ended up being a whole lot peppier than I had envisioned.

10K in 58:05, which translates to  9:22 overall pace.

My loops are most easily measured in mile-and-a-half increments... here are the splits:

1.5 miles   14:18                   9:33 pace
3.0 miles   28:23   (14:05)     9:23 pace
4.5 miles   42:13   (13:50)     9:13 pace
6.0 miles   56:10   (13:56)     9:17 pace

and then that last 0.2 in 1:55.     

It was an effort, to be sure. But it was "conversational pace"... even though I had no one to talk to, I know this because I was able to sing the songs as they played on my iPod :)

Want to venture a guess about that "important biz"?


  1. You should talk to yourself. That way no one attacks you b/c they think you are crazy.

    I have no clue about the contest, but can't wait to hear.

  2. Pretty much negative splitting your laps. Gotta love that sh**.

    Great, I won't be able to sleep now until I know what you are cooking up. Thanks.

  3. Can't wait to hear what you're up to now.

  4. LOL I agree with SUAR

    Well, its not "that race" because you said it involved a costume

  5. ha ha!! a skunk shirt eh?

    SOunds like a fab run, negative splits are always GOOD!!!

    You never fail to make me smile, Marjorie! Just love you!

  6. I often talk to myself while running. Especially since I run like I drink, early in the morning.

    Wait, I meant, Alone.

  7. Woohoo, another contest!! I can't wait!!! ;)

    Will you teach me how to run that fast?? Please??!!

  8. Love the way you can make all your running so entertaining for me...that way I don't have to do it myself???

    Can't wait to hear about the biz!

  9. hmmmm a race w/ costumes -- sounds exciting! Cant wait to hear more!!

  10. Jill: lesson number one - be a US National in some sport. lesson number two - now run 9 min miles 20 years later. lesson three - wasn't that easy?

    OK, maybe lesson one wasn't easy, but the cumulative fitness doesn't entirely leave you once you stop (though sometimes XL wants us to think she's just some newbie who has never trained for anything her whole life)

    And the summertime/kids thing. I am for sure as hell no expert - but I think its time your 'kids' learn some responsibility.

    The two older kids are now baby sitters. That should free up a few hours.

  11. Actually, Danny is right on the kids thing...except, I will add two words to that: Duct Tape.

  12. Nat, at least, I admitted I was not an expert...

  13. 10k in under an hour! Good for you!


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