24 June 2011

What did YOU have for dinner last night?

Before dinner last night I had the opportunity to exercise outside in the daylight. No, I am not a vampire... I just have 4 kids. It is rare that my husband is home to take over with the kids early enough for me to see the light of day when working out. It was so weird. I needed sunglasses.

I was supposed to do some hills according to my new workout plan that awesome Jill helped me out with, but there are no hills right where I live and not enough time to drive to hills and back before the kids needed to go to bed. I was also concerned about the amount of "hard work" I was jumping into affecting my hip. So I improvised.

How to exhaust my legs without banging on my hip? 

Hmmmmmm..... thinking.........

Well, if I ride my bike first...

So that's what I did.

My first no-joke brick. Although the distances might, perhaps, be a joke to some of the triathletes who don't ever read my blog anyway ;-)

I left the compound and went out on the Bay Trail. It was as windy as a bad word. There was a cross-tailwind on the way out ... which, of course, translated into a cross-headwind coming back :(   I rode the bike for 33 minutes.

I need more ballast. I am skinny and weak.

Wind is not my friend. Whose friend is wind... besides sailors and these guys?

When I finished that bike biz, I threw the bike in the garage, threw the helmet at the bike and spent just under 7 minutes changing my entire outfit. I needed running bras and unpadded shorts. And I needed to ditch all of those shirts I wore to keep warm while biking in the wind. Yes, I did put on a new shirt.

I dashed out the door and ran 4.5 miles.

A-hahahhahaha... now I really get it.

I was up to my waist in wet concrete for the first mile or so... yet my footfalls were so loud :P

I ran inside the compound... my 0.75-mile loopy-loops... here are the solid splits for each 0.75-mile lap...

7:21... had to yell at my kid for going "out of bounds" in the neighborhood
7:22... had to "escort" same kid part of the way home for same reason

43:37 for 4.5 miles  (9:42/mile)

I ate that brick for dinner...

from here

Yum. Yum.

What did YOU eat?


  1. Technically we had chicken, but with my cooking skills, it pretty much was like that brick!

  2. Great job on the loopy loops! I have enough trouble getting in time to run with two kids I can't imagine doubling that!

  3. Nice effort, don't worry about the distances.

    I had brown rice and TJ's andouille chicken sausage with plenty of chile sauce.

  4. great job

    dinner...pretty sure it was just a bowl of black beans. I have an unnatural addiction to black beans.

  5. lol, I had Costco Pizza and didn't come any where near anything you would even consider exercise :)

  6. You inspire me! I desperately need to start exercising again, but more important, I need to make it a constant part of my life. Not just a "lose weight and then stop" plan.

    Would you be interested in co-hosting my hop tomorrow night? It'd be just me and you. If not, no worries.

    I loved your "what chafes you?" post, too!

    Gillian from Baby Talk without the Babble

  7. Nice brick! Happy day when you get to exercise in the sunshine.
    Dinner? Whelp ... the kiddies had pizza at a bday party, and the parents helped clean out the produce drawer, and finish off the yogurt so the glass jars were all clean and ready to be refilled tomorrow... when I get around to it.

  8. I cooked a chicken pasta dish for the wife and me. And let me tell you: it was a masterpiece.

  9. Awesome!! Isn't that a fun feeling in the legs? Love it. :)
    Last night we had shepherd's pie. I don't love it but was starving. And we ate at like 730. So when I ran at 9 I got to have dinner all over again. So not fun to taste that while running.

  10. Insalata caprese! When I don't feel like cooking it's a great healthy dish the kids love. Mozzarella, tomatoes, fresh basilico, good quality olive oil....done!

  11. I love how you just whip off 4.5 miles. And to think I tweeted my hot yoga studio yesterday and told them that my workout had been "the hardest shit I had ever done"...it's stretching! Should we ever get together, I'm telling you now, I will not be going on any runs with you.


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