05 June 2011

Sometimes you just HAVE to party.

Although I am a pretty hardcore training machine... with all my 30-minute bike rides, P90X-stretching, nursing ab rippers, and barefoot running... sometimes I need to take a break and go party like it's 1999.

Last night was Big G's sixth grade class' end of the year party. The family who hosted has a house that makes for a fantastic party venue. I thought you all might like to come along...

We took the garden path down to the back of the house where we could hear the party happening in full force.

Lots of great people, tasty food, an assortment of beverages...

and a pool with a killer view!

At one point, there must've been 25 kids in that hot tub.

The view from the swing set is killer, too...

and the "rock" in the play area is shredded rubber stuff and the blue path is tumbled, recycled glass!

As the sun fully set, the night lights were spectacular...

and the pool was still teeming with kids :)

as was that hot tub.

Big G had a great time...

and so did Miss C.

Girlfriend still managed to get her workout in... at the party!

Then she started hitting the hard stuff after trying to listen to the painful karaoke contest...

She was not interested in being social at that point... just wanted that bottle all to herself.

What was she drinking? you might ask.


Tomorrow I start my half-marathon training program with a vengeance... or something like that. Cuz I am a hardcore training machine ;-)


  1. Do you think those people have room for me to live there forever and never leave??? My bags are packed!

    Just when I think Miss C and I have nothing in common (with all her working out and stuff), I realize we may not be so different after all. I love office supplies like nobody's business!

  2. That is the best party house EVER! So jealous. The views were amazing, the design was stellar, and I suspect the menu was to die for. Just the impression that I got. Sounds like the whole family enjoyed themselves!

  3. Wow, I'll bet that house is always hopping! I'd be there now if I could, what a view!

    Love the white-out, too funny!


  4. What a great place to have a party.

    Good luck with your marathon training!

  5. Love the white-out..."the hard stuff".
    When is your half-marathon? I'm running one in October. Thanks for the follow, I'm returning the favor :)
    Love that you have 4 kids and run too! It's awesome to connect with other running mama's.
    Nice to "meet" you, and looking forward to more of your posts!!

  6. Amazing house--what a great place to have a party!

  7. Fabulous pics Marjorie!!! Beautiful kiddos! Geez, do I miss Cali!

    I hear you are running Long Beach?! Is that true? Considering that for a destination race...


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