23 April 2011

Best Blogger Meet-Up Ever: Runninghood was in my 'Hood!

I know that sounds very Richard Scarry, but it wasn't very scary at all :P

Amanda@Runninghood was in my neck of the woods this past week. I didn't even realize it until I saw a picture of her feet with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. That picture must have been taken from a place about 15 or 20 minutes from my house... if there's no traffic, which is never. I knew I had to engineer a meet-up. She had actually proposed this a few weeks ago when I was in the throes of getting things together for our family's trip to France. And I totally spaced... which was the case with lots of important things that week.

Amanda's blog is one of my very favorites. She is very thoughtful and thought-provoking on every aspect of life... parenting, running, education, kitchen-renovation, you name it. Her posts are filled with feeling and intention. Some are very deep and some are almost frivolously funny, but they always resonate with me. Do check her out if you haven't already :)

In real life, Amanda is every bit as beautiful as she appears in print. Her smile just lights up the day. She radiates an intensity and an energy that I aspire to possess. Her sense of humor is awesome... that means she got and genuinely laughed at my jokes :) Her children are fun and engaged and engaging and just as lovely as their mama. Her husband is such a trooper for hanging in and keeping track of the kids while we chatted away. Thanks again, Amanda's husband!

We went to a playground in Golden Gate Park where the kids could just run and climb, climb, climb and swing and slide. They had a blast.

Miss C nevers fails to make use of a good training opportunity ;-)

Amanda's 4-year old daughter is such a sweet and sensitive spirit.

The three girls climbing.

Miss C always needs to test her limits.

Amanda's 6-year old loved these sliding parallel bars...

She is such an outgoing girl. She became instant friends with another girl at the park.

Going down the slide 'properly' for a change.

Here we are at the end of the visit...
The moms look better in the picture on her blog, but the kids look like they are having more fun in this shot... on hers they look like they are giving each other the 'stink eye'!

Thank you so much, Amanda, for letting me hang with you and your tribe for a couple of hours! And for laughing at my jokes ;-)

I'll keep my eyes open for one of those fancy blankets made from the hair of a yak's balls that are so popular down here in San Francisco... land of nannies and fancy strollers and Sophie the Giraffe. I know you want one ;-)

And I hope we get to meet again soon!  xoxoxo


  1. Sorry to have missed you yesterday. Looks like you had a blast! D fell apart as soon as we left the Cal Academy of Sciences, and crashed immediately in the car. That video of Miss C made me laugh out loud -- love the well-timed finish. Your post card from Paris arrived this morning. Thank you for thinking of us on your busy travels!

  2. I just saw this on Amanda's blog! So glad you two could meet up--two of my favorite peeps!!

    BEAUTIFUL children!! And, Gorgeous Mamas!!!

  3. I love this! I want to go to your hood!
    I was just telling Bill this morning that I wish we could move up north!
    Very happy you got to meet! love the pictures! so all is good no jet lag?

  4. Thanks for joining Surfin' Saturdays! Have a great weekend!

  5. I am now planning a trip to the Bay Area for a meet up with you. After I do will your post be titled, "Best Blogger Meetup Ever, The Manly Runner, Better than Amandahood"

    BTW, I am way funnier than Amanda.

  6. Yes, Chris is probably funnier but I'm better looking! :) Marjorie, you are way too kind and generous with your words about me. Thank you thank you! So wonderful meeting up with you. I felt like I'd known you forever. :) You're so easy to talk to and such the perfect host!! And I'm sooo glad our sense of humors meshed well. YOu cracked me up! You got a good laugh out of me when you so casually referred to those expensive blankets made out of the ball hairs of a yak. Ha haha...still laughing. :) Again, great meeting up!
    P.s that picture of me holding my daughter is not very flattering. :)

  7. Amanda… I don't think it's possible to take an unflattering photo of you. It is a weird angle, but you were so caring in that moment it just about made me cry. I had to take the pic. I'll take it off if you prefer :)

  8. Ha, you're sweet. Thanks. I'm just too vain. ;) No worries...keep it on...that's my real snout...yes it is! :) No need to hide it. ha ha...seriously though, I've got quite the honker. I like your version of our picture together so much better...everyone got a kick out of the one I posted and how our kids are giving each other the stare down. :) Too funny!

  9. LOL! You may be a faster runner than I am, but my nose kicks your nose's butt in terms of size! You have a beautiful nose on your beautiful face! Me? I have nostrils the size of dinner plates and pointyness that could pop a ballon ;-)


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