19 April 2011

Ha ha! The joke's on me!

Here I was thinking I'd be home, snug in my bed by 10 o'clock tonight. First, we missed our connection by literally 2 stinkin' minutes! We even got a rippin' ride in one of those speedy carts that raced us from customs to our gate super fast. And we still didn't make it.

We were offered stand-by with 6 seats spread out all over the plane. The gate agent was so incredibly sweet as to finnagle a couple of pairs of seats so my baby didn't need to be attended to by a stranger :P and my 6-year old could sit with a parent, too.

And here we sit on our stand-by flight, a faulty plane. We are now de-boarding to go get on a different plane. How awesome that they had an extra ;-)

We shall see how this next chapter turns out. Now it's time to see how my 'separated' kids are handling this!

Hope everyone is having a less eventful evening than I :)


  1. Oh dear...I do not envy you. I hope all goes well. Coming home is always the worst for me. The vacation is done and I just want it all to be OVER FAST. Safe travels to all of you!

  2. AHHHHH SO SO STRESSFUL!!! I am SO sorry girl....I hope everything goes well from this point forward!

  3. oh how frustrating!!! :( mega sorry to hear that! i hope you are home safe and sound soon. thanks for your sweet comment and your "appreciation of teachers" on my blog--i think i speak for teachers everywhere when i say that we appreciate your support!! ;) safe travels!

  4. Safe travels XL...I am looking forward to this in a couple of weeks as I am being forced at gun-point to go to Florida to visit Disney World for 5 days with a 3, 5, 7 and 10 year olds.

  5. Oh Jeez! WHAT A PAIN! That bed is going to feel SO good when you finally get in it:)

  6. OMG...I'm just getting ready for my first solo-travel experience with Chloe...makes me nervous! Hope it all works out for you!!1

    BTW...one wee voice is open until Sat night.

  7. Ugh, sorry. Hanging out at the airport isn't very fun.

  8. aaack! Boo! I hope smooth travels entailed after that. There's only so much people watching you can do!


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