02 April 2011

Hey! Look at that Escargot!

Have you ever seen
an Art Car ?

then have you ever seen 
The Snail Car?

This is what we saw in the parking lot at gymnastics today...
It is really beautiful and these pictures don't do it justice...
The antennae thingies shoot fire!
And yes! That IS a car seat in there!
Safety first :)

While we were making a fuss over it and taking pictures and yelling at asking the kids to stop climbing on it, the super nice and friendly artist/driver came up and let the kids go inside! The sides are perforated, there are Christmas lights in the ceiling, it has a computerized light display on the little deck on top, there is a sound system... the things that look like reins are what control the flames that shoot out of the antennae...
yeah, awesome pic of my finger...

And then they drove away...

and I was laughing, thinking about that joke...

If you want to read more about this project and others, here is the artist's website: Fire Is Hot.

I love all the art cars in our area.  I need to photograph more of them.

And can you believe it?

Somewhere out there is my 200th follower! WOW.
it is SOPHIE! Thanks, Sophie :)
I remember posting about my 100th pageview back in October.
I need to think of something special to celebrate.... when it happens :P

Already got a giveaway going on... so that's not it....
Already got a postcard guessing game going on... need something else...
Already got a photo contest where I'm splitting the prize amongst my likers.... hmmmmm...

Any suggestions?


  1. Wow, that is a sweet car :) People's imagination and talent is unbelievable sometimes. Thanks for stopping over today, I love comments.

  2. That is a cool car, and a cool finger you got there.

  3. Follower 201! Congrats othe milestone!

    Now following front http://www.babydealsdujour.com/blog
    We track all of the daily baby deals in real-time. Would love for you to stop by and follow back!

  4. I've gotta know...what is the fuel mileage?!

    Love it!

  5. ha ha S-car-go!! Pun intended! When I was in AR, the Oscar Meyer Weiner card drove past me!

  6. I call the Crow's Nest! I sure hope this "Peak Oil" thang is false, it would be a bummer in 25 years to not be able to drive it...

  7. The. Coolest. Finger. I know, right?
    I meant to ask him about the mileage, but he was so engaging that I forgot.
    Danny, only grown-ups are allowed up there :P
    Jess, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer wiener… that mobile is ultracool. Did you get to go inside?

  8. That is one interesting car. How lucky for the kids to get to go inside.

  9. That snail car is completely bizarre. I wonder what type of person desires a snail car. Interesting. My kids would have loved it too.

  10. Wow, my son would have loved this!!! Looks like everyone had a great time!!

    Found you through Si Hi Sunday!

    Toni @ Carrigan's Joy

  11. Way cool on the car! My kids would love that! Congrats on 200. Have a great Sunday:)

  12. That's some crazy sh&^% That is probably the last car in the world I would want to drive.

  13. That car is crazy!! LOVE the car seat though, pretty sure I've never seen anything like a snail car... but a snail car with a car seat takes the win! Headed to go cast my vote for the fidel castro photo : )

  14. Somewhere we have a picture of a motorcycle w/ a sidecar w/ a car seat in the sidecar! We saw that in France several years ago.


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