15 April 2011

Eiffel Tower... Take 2.


Yesterday's post left you at the top of the Arc de Triomphe... but didn't leave you hanging ;-)

We met up with Daddy and Miss C almost exactly on time on the steps of Napoleon's Tomb.
He went into the military museum with a local friend and the older three kids while Miss C chased pigeons for a solid hour.
When they came out, Q-Man force-fed me chocolate... or maybe tried to steal my chocolate... in any event, here is a much-requested picture of me :)
The local friend took this great picture of all of us... I think it is the only one so far of the whole family on this trip.

Then he drove us to the Eiffel Tower. It was AWESOME to get a ride right up to as close as you can get in a car! We crammed into his cute little Nissan and made it work. He was such a kind and generous and accommodating guy... he gets un grand 'merci' :)

 Then it was time to queue up for the tickets...

here's the view up from the line...

We finally had our tickets and needed to then wait for the first elevator...
and watch out for the pickpockets!

 We made it up to the second floor and took in the sights...

 Big G was pretty excited!

 Then we had to wait another 45 minutes to get on the elevator to go to the top!
Everyone went a little stir-crazy ;-)

The elevator was JAMMED!
You can barely see Q-Man's head between all the elbows and shoulders.

After goofing around on the super crowded top level for a while and watching the city lights come on below us... which was really lovely... we headed back down to the bottom. The crowds going down were much smaller, thankfully and understandably.

 And then it was time for ice cream!

We then walked 20+ minutes to the Métro and finally got home at about 11 p.m. Everyone was happy and exhausted. No separations, no vomiting, no picking of pockets. It was a success.


  1. I LOVE seeing all these fun adventures you are experiencing!! And I absolutely LOVE the family picture! Beautiful!
    Glad you all made it and it all went smoothly! :)

  2. Hooray!!!! You did it!!!

  3. I love your family picture!
    first time I went to Paris was in 1976 and I still remember that trip
    your kids are lucky kids

  4. Lovely family foto! I bet the uncut pic of you and Miss C looking at each other is gorgeous, too. The tour is beautiful at night, isn't it? Bon week-end!

  5. This looks like a wonderful time!
    Your family is beautiful :)

  6. Nothing like ice cream in Paris!

  7. In that one pic of you and your daughter she looks angelic. Great pics. What a trip. J'adore La Paris. La France me manque beacoup.

  8. Man-what an awesome trip you're having!!! I need me some culture. Escargot or hotdish???? Truly awesome to be there with your family! Love the pics!

  9. I am so relieved you've made it to the top! I always feel strangely responsible for everyone visiting from the States! I want everyone to enjoy their travels as much as I have mine!

  10. Is French ice cream different than American? Does it have higher milk fat? Because that would be yummy.

  11. LOVE the family picture! You need to make a point of handing off the camera more often... Glad you made it back to the Eiffel Tower. The view from the top really is breathtaking.


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