28 April 2011

"Mom, how was your run?"

My 11-year old, Big G, has taken to asking me this question after every run. Tonight was no exception.

"It was GREAT!" I said smiling, because it was, in fact, GREAT!

"Anything interesting happen?" He's been reading my blog...

He wants to know if I've raced anymore drunken bums or been scared by anymore hoopty car guys.

Not lately.

But being a mom who doesn't like to disappoint, I thought hard for a moment...

"Well, there were these weird ducks..." I said.

"What did they do?"

"It was a male and a female... kind of like a couple... but they seemed to not know each other yet. She was up on a lawn and he was down on the sidewalk. She was looking over her little duck shoulder at him like she was saying, 'whaaaaaaat?' and he was gazing longingly at her. I think it might be mating season," I told him.

"So was it sort of like two teenagers? You know, where the boy wants to ask the girl to the prom... but he's kind of scared? And she's trying to be all cool or something?" He is getting too smart or big for his britches or something.


"How long were they there?" he asked.

I had to think. I realized they were there for quite a while...

"At least 4 laps," I replied. "Maybe even 5... that's about a half an hour."

And that was the most exciting thing that happened on my run, except...

That I freakin' smoked it!  Woo hooo! Well, as smoked it as I am able anyway ;-)

After my struggling tempo run on Monday wherein I actually did pretty dang well for me, I was curious as to what would come of tonight's maintenance run. The schedule was telling me to hit 10-minute miles for 70 minutes, and I was ready for it.

I ended up doing 6.3 miles in 60 minutes. My splits for each 0.75-mile lap were remarkably close... yay! The fastest was 7 flat (9:20 pace) and the slowest was 7:13 (9:39 pace) but the others were 7:03, 7:04 or 7:05... even as I can hope for :)  I felt smooth and relaxed and great! My hip started feeling tight about 5 miles in, so I made the executive decision to play it safe and finish up a wee bit early.

I am feeling right on track for my upcoming race. May 15th... 7.46 miles of hilly goodness... the San Francisco Bay to Breakers. The good news is... at this point, I know I can finish it! And there is no bad news. How awesome is that?


  1. Your son is too cute! He reminds me of my own 12 year old. Glad you had such a great run! Did you keep up your running in Paris (I'm sorry if you wrote about that already, I have a very bad case of mommy brain right now!) Have a great weekend!

  2. Awesome! That's what that is :)

    As for the ducks...I think SHE needs to be the one to take charge. If anything is ever going to happen, she may as well learn now that it's all on her.

  3. Great run and thanks for the Days of our Ducks update, as usually, the Firday cliffhanger leaves me wondering if the girl got the boy

  4. GREAT job! I love that peace feeling of knowing you're right on track!

    Seriously, boys don't need to be afraid to ask girls to the prom these days! They can just text them-takes some of the pressure off.....WHAAA???? My daughter's little "man" asked her to the frosty festival dance via text message. I made her respond and tell him he had to ask her in person and then also call or ask her dad and then bring her mom flowers. Manners people!! (OK-I didn't go to that extreme but at least a face to face invitation) Off on a tangent obviously.

    Glad the running is going well! Like reading about it:)

  5. Good job on the run! Ducks only make more ducks, and that isn't that good. I never got why it was a big deal to ask a girl out. What is the worst that is going to happen? She will say, "No." My ego can take it.

  6. I so admire you runners. Sounds like you have some interesting times complete with adorable son. :-)

    New GFC follower from I love Blogging Hop.


  7. Woo-hoo! Awesome run! LOVE the good, no, great ones!! :)

    Only two more weeks til B2B!

  8. Is there a grocery store that is having a sale on eight-eleven year old boys? I'll bypass the whole dating/marriage/midnight cryings/toilet training and just take 'em at nine-ish.


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